Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I propose a new holiday- TTWYRT day!

I have a great idea for a holiday. One that even Hallmark can't ruin. It is a worker's holiday. A chance for us to vent our frustration without feats of strengths.

Tell them what you really think day. Yes, the title needs a bit of work but listen to me.

On Tell them what you really think (TTWYRT) day, you can say what you feel to whoever you want without repercussion. No one can retaliate on you for their jackassery.

Boss said something very stupid? Tell her she is an idiot!
Customer is being a total assclown? Tell the cocksucker where he can shove it!
Co-worker is whining because she isn't getting her way? Tell the bitch where she can go!

I truly think the world would be a better place. The whiny, pissy dipshits of the world stay that way because most people will finally give in to their demands. Day in and day out, we deal with jackasses that feel if they persist they will always get their way whether they are right or wrong. It is only when we tell them to shut the fuck up and deal with it like every other sane person is, that they will begin to change (if they can change that is).

And the best part, is they cannot get back at you the next day. They cannot discipline, fire, or make your work life more of a living hell. Of course the client may not do business with you but then they become the pain in the ass to someone else.

I used to work for a company that always gave in. Most of the time it pissed me off. I always wondered why we put up with such bad customers. Why couldn't we just say no and be rid of them? Why let them abuse the employees? I always thought it would be like winning the lottery. That one lucky employee who got to deal with Mr. Hemorrhoid on TTWYRT day would feel like they won the lottery! They could go off on him for making 10 minutes of their life hell each day.

Face it, we all have a Mr. Hemorrhoid we have to deal with whether it be a client, co-worker, or boss. It would feel so good to just let loose on them and tell them what you really think!

I really could have used my holiday yesterday. I had a meeting scheduled for the end of the day. It was actually scheduled for after I leave, but I was willing to accommodate them. The secretary for this group tries to push it back a half hour, thinking it was no big deal. I tell her it won't work. I am not staying an hour later when I have things to do after work (thanks to Gambino!). I ask her to try and schedule something early the next day, before this employee has her training.

The secretary went apeshit on me! Her email included "Are you kidding me?", "Why are you so inflexible" and "What is preventing you from meeting with her at this time?". I was a bit shocked when I first read it. My first thought was "Who does this pushy bitch think she is?". My second thought was "Fuck you, I don't have to meet with this person to begin with. Screw both of you as you just fucked it for her". I had already agreed to stay late once but she wants me to change my schedule again for her? Nuh uh. I have things to do and will not bow to you on short notice because you screwed up.

Unfortunately, I couldn't do that. So I took some time, calmed down, and wrote a sincere reply stating why I wouldn't be meeting with someone later that I wanted to stay. It doesn't matter to me whether I meet with the person or not. I was doing them a favor.

But if TTWYRT day was in existence, I would have been buying drinks all night after telling that bitch off.


Aleta said...

Something tells me that TTWYRT could be one of the best days of my life. No retaliation you say?

StB said...

No, there can be no retaliation whatsoever. That is what would make it great!

J. Gambino said...

I embrace this day you call TTWYRT day. Yet I am afraid of what the others would say to me. We kinda had that day yesterday when we were told we could no longer wear jeans on Fridays. One girl went off on the big boss. I say her days are numbered. Someone should explain the rules to him I guess. No retaliation?

Blonde said...

I disagree. If Feats of Strength are good enough for Festivus, then it is good enough for TTWYRT.

I am all about this holiday. I hate some of the people who work for me so I could tell them all what I think. I hate ALL of my clients so telling them off would be sweet.

You are a genius and on to something here...

Erik said...

Since the censorship portion of my brain only catches about half the shit coming out of my mouth or fingers that it should, I almost celebrate TTWYRT on a daily basis. Most people haven't grasped the "no retaliation" part, tho. Once you properly educate the masses, my life will get significantly less stressful. This would be an everyday holiday, right?