Thursday, November 17, 2005

Diversify me!

I will be out of the office today for corporate training. The topic is diversity, the latest craze to come through the business world. I had plead my case that I shouldn't have to attend. I pointed out that I go to Ray & Dot's Tap every once in a while to have a couple of beers. That is the most diverse bar in the Milwaukee area. Thus, I shouldn't need to go.

But they do not see it like I do. Thus I will be gone. At least I should get out of work early.

Then it is on the Ale House for a big reunion party for the company I had worked for. Should be good.

But as I sit here getting some work done before I go to the training, a co-worker thinks I am crazy. Crazy for coming in at my usual time instead of sleeping in and going directly to the training. I start an hour before the training does. Am I weird for getting some work done? If I don't do it now, I have to do it later. I am a morning person so it works for me. Plus, as it turned out, there were 3 items that are rather timely that I was able to get done.

Better yet, if the training ends early, I will probably be back in to go through stuff that popped up through the day. Still think I am nuts? Have you been reading this blog? I am rather worthless on Fridays lately. Considering I will probably get ripped tonight, I see getting this work done today as like working tomorrow. Only difference is tomorrow I will waste time reading other blogs and reading what people think about the Cowboys this weekend.


All Things Dave said...

Corporate diversity training = Making sure you are aware of people's differences so that you can treat everyone "the same".

Erik said...

Diversity is a good thing.

Diversity training is a bad thing. All they are doing is tipping the scale the other way. Diversity means not being a bigot. No matter what color your skin is.