Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Is there a support group for this?

Apparently having your ass glued to a toilet seat is a common occurrence. Or at least for this man. Yeah, the guy who had his butt glued to a toilet seat had it happen to him before. How does one think this up. I mean, I have come up with some crazy ass (pun intended) ideas while sitting at the bar, but not once did I ever think to myself or aloud, "Hey, I bet I could glue my ass to a toilet and sue the Home Depot claiming it was their fault! I could make millions! I am doing it!"

Even if I did, that money maker has now been used. Damn! Opportunity lost! But at least I won't be known as the dumbass who glued his ass to the toilet seat.

I know I am not the only one amazed by Drew Rosenhaus' comments after Turd Owens' speech yesterday. Too funny. What world does he live in? Owens is a victim of the media. Owens is a good guy. Owens is a team player. Bwahahahahahaha. The last one kills me. I just loved how Rosenhaus refused to answer any question he didn't like.

Q: “What have you done for Owens, other than get him kicked off the team?”

A: “Next question.”

Better yet was Owens in the background just loving the ass kissing his agent was giving him.

That is all I have for now. I was busy putting an idea down over here so all my time is up for now. I have to go deal with my pissy co-worker. She is mad because I told her to do her entire job, not part of it. Go figure.


Blonde said...

I still love TO.

I am wearing my I Heart TO shirt to the game on Monday night.

Erik said...

I'm not one to bash TO, since he doesn't get under my skin like Dion Sanders did, but I doubt TO's apology could've sounded more lame. It sounded like Drew Rosenhaus gave him a book report to read in front of the class.

I feel bad for TO, since he is actually paying that idiot Rosenhaus 10% to manage his career. I think that if TO was a little less vocal and had a good agent, TO would be a rallying point for a team. The rumors that are flying around point to Green Bay picking him up at the end of the season. Not sure if there's any truth there, tho.