Tuesday, November 08, 2005

More like Top Dogs

Any red blooded man has already done a couple of click throughs to take a look at the two Carolina Panther cheerleaders who were busted for doing some chewing as a pre-game ritual.

Have to say, I am not impressed. It is like the minor leagues. The blonde is ok when made up. The kids look good when profiled but I would classify them as being racktacular. Of course I wouldn't kick her out of bed. Because her girlfriend would be there too!

But her girlfriend's nose may knock me out. Holy Shit! Look at the size of that thing! Could break your ribs if she turned around suddenly. I hate to think of the high gusts when she sneezes.

Of course, they will be in Penthouse or Playboy within the next couple of months. I then have 4 words for you. Worst.Selling.Issue.Ever.

Luckily, the Panthers have a good team on the field. If the rest of the cheerleading squad looks like these two, I fully endorse spending your halftime getting beer and using the restroom.

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