Thursday, November 10, 2005

It's Thursday, it's the weekend, ACT LIKE IT!

Oh wait, the weekend doesn't start tomorrow? Only if you have the day off? Oh, I don't have the day off? Guess I should change the title of the post.

Ah screw it!

I think I have heard one of the stupidest sports promotions on the radio the other day. The local minor league hockey team, the Milwaukee Admirals, are having Macaroni Madness tomorrow night. The concept is to bring a box of mac and cheese, elbows, bow ties,- hey go nuts with your favorite pasta- and use it as a noisemaker during the game. At the end place it in a bin for the Hunger Task Force of Milwaukee to collect. Hey, I am all for food donations at sporting events but can't we think of something better? Having the mac noise in an arena sounds annoying to me. Rather cheesy. Ha! Get it? I am here until the weekend.

Yeah, things do get wild in Milwaukee.

But I really should go down and see a hockey game soon. I will be watching the #5 ranked Wisconsin Badgers take on the the Colorado College Tigers on Friday night at the bar. After whooping the crying Sioux last weekend the Kohl Center should be hopping for that one. Big weekend of hockey in Madison. Want to keep on on the basics of the Badgers? Check out the Wisconsin Sports Bar. Pretty level headed stuff over there. The only downside is it is not a real bar. And I could use a Guinness right now.

Speaking of which, the Red Wings continue to win. It would be nice to have them keep this up all year. They have the talent. Better yet, they have two very good goaltenders. Check out these stats so far:

........ GP REC SO GAA SV%
Legace 13 11-1 2 1.94 .924
Osgood 5 3-1-1 0 2.33 .915

And Ozzie was suppose to be the starter. Gotta love hockey. Only sport where a good team rides the hot goalie and can win a championship defeating a much better team.

I have a meeting to go to which sucks. I was just about to lay out the real reasons why the Packers are losing. I have heard too much about injuries, scoring more points that giving up, being in the games, etc. The real reason is simple. Brett Favre. Seriously. Think about it. Look at the stats and don't let the other stuff blind you. The only difference injuries have had is they would have won maybe another 2 or 3 games. That is it. They weren't a good team coming in and just became worse because of circumstances.

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