Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Paris is burning

Interesting things have gone down in football land in the last couple of days. T.O. is an Eagle no mo! Must say I am disappointed there. I was hoping the drama could last longer, causing more internal turmoil for the Iggles. But they did the smart thing. Word is they may even release him. Know who is first on the waiver wire? The Packers. It would be too funny to see him wearing the green and gold...

But it also puts a slant on the game come Monday. The Cowboys will not need to worry about him. Neither will the Iggles. I don't care for that too much. It is beginning to look like a "dog backed into corner kind of game" for the Iggles. It will be tougher but I still think the Boys can pull it off. I am not as comfortable as I was a month ago, but have faith. The Cowboys are better than people believe. Not quite great but pretty damn good.

I see Big Mike is up for considering a wager. I can't back down, even though I feel like the underdog again. I haven't seen a posted line here but wouldn't be surprised to see the Iggles favored. But, I am 1-0 in this department. Let's see what we can come up with. We have a week to negotiate.

Yesterday I said I was going to get that garage door opener fixed. Of course, I did not. Instead I monkeyed around with it to see what I could do. It works sporadically right now. Not good with cold weather coming up. I think I will wait until the weekend and talk with some friends to see if they know someone who can help me out.

Took it easy last night watching Arrested Development. The show is damn funny. You are missing out on something good if you are not watching it.

I also fired up the Showtime last night for some rotisserie chicken. Hadn't done that in a while. Pretty good though I should have injected it with some kind of marinade. Now I just need to remember to clean the damn thing today.

After searching for that link, I just had a great idea. I should buy everything for my family from a Ronco catalog. The pocker fisherman for my brother, the pasta maker for the sister, and food dehydrator for the parents. They may have absolutely no need but what the hell! Look at that stuff. It screams one stop Christmas shopping!!!

Paris continues to burn while those in charge do little. Isn't that the French way? I wonder what all those people that think the French are such great people with their politics, think now. Makes the U.S. response in New Orleans look text book. Yes, Paris is burning. And I for one just don't care.


mmbrew said...

Ron Popeil is the greatest salesman and inventor of all time!
Doesn't he have that GBH formula 9 hair stuff? Maybe you could get that for your best buddy for Christmas? (hint hint)

All Things Dave said...

Boycott France!

djw said...

I agree, Arrested Development is a great show. Regarding a previous post, did you catch the joke about camel toe last night?

StB said...

We 3 Kings with Camel Toe. Priceless!