Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Cheesecake and strange bedfellows

I found myself being a cheesecake courier yesterday. A friend at work had ordered a cheesecake from an old girlfriend of a different friend whose mother was bringing it to work for me to deliver to the other friend at his house. Ok, did that sentence make any sense? Of course not.

As part of the deal, my friend (the purchaser of the cheesecake) was able to get her to make a small one for me. Small as in one serving. It was an eggnog flavored cake. I had never had that before so it piqued my curiosity.

I made the delivery on the way home. While I was playing poker last night, I grabbed the cheesecake with the intention of just trying it. I grabbed the box and noticed it was in the shape of a heart. That could only mean one thing. She lusted after me all those years and now was willing to make her intentions known and ravage my body She had only one mold to make a small cheesecake and a heart was it. She probably thought twice about using it but came to the conclusion of "he is not the stalker type".

The cheesecake was pretty damn good too. It wasn't too noggy. Just right. The chocolate cookie like crust rocked.

Football season is just about at an end for most of us. My Cowboys are hanging by a thread. They need help to get into the playoffs. I find myself cheering on the Eagles *gasp* this weekend. In reality, that isn't that hard considering they are playing the Deadskins. As much as I hate to say it though, those Skins are playing good football and will be tough to beat. I hope the Eagles have some kind of pride in them to take 'em down for their own satisfaction. Hopefully the Panthers will lose in the early game and the late one won't matter. Either of those teams lose and the Boys have their chance. Given their chance, the Cowboys will come through on Sunday night. I just hope it gets to that point.

So now I have to figure out what I will do at work today. I have maybe half a day of stuff to do. I could do some prepping for next year but really need to speak with someone who is not here today. Procrastination rules again.

Another warmish day which means fewer sweaters. When is winter going to start?


J. Gambino said...

While a sweater is out for today, I myself am sporting a ribbed for your pleasue short sleeved turtleneck. Warm, yet not too warm. And just the right amount of cling to the kittens.

Buckets, buckets, buckets...

AWE said...

Half a days worth of work = Bar thirty

WhisKeYGyrL said...

Lovin the warm weather!! Don't have a choice on what to wear for work! Scrubs! That's it! Kinda like it though, don't have to ponder the thought of what to wear while half awake at 430am! Do to the weather I'm not freezing my azz off walking 2 blocks into work! Hate turtlenecks they choke ya, sweaters well they itch! Most of them anyway! =)

djw said...

Scrubs-I love that show!!! It starts soon. Buckets-Buckets-Buckets!!!