Sunday, December 18, 2005

Maybe it's my time

I took it easy last night. Went to dinner with some friends and had a great time. Had a few drinks afterwards and decided to just go home and watch a movie. Yeah, I didn't feel like waiting another 5 minutes for the left turn signal to change so I called it a night. A belly full of steak and whisky can make these decisions easy. Plus it was cold out and sometimes that walk from the parking lot to the bar seems waaaaay long.

I had finished watching a movie and polished off a bottle of Maker's Mark when I noticed it was rather chilly. It was then I recognized that I hadn't heard the furnace kick in in a while.

Oh no. Please, no. It is 58 degrees in the house.

I go downstairs and flick the switch to hear it roar to life and come back on. Good sign?

It runs for a while then kicks off. I hear the furnace come to life again, but notice one big difference. The blower is not coming on. Shit!

I don't sleep well knowing my furnace is screwed up. I wish I had more Maker's to make the night go by quicker. But instead I am waking up every time I hear the furnace go on, praying the blower will kick in as well.

But it is not. It fires like every 4 times. Not good. When I get out of bed this morning, reluctantly as it is warm there- I look at the temp and see it is a toasty 52 degrees. Damn that is cold. I then remember the Toxic Weasel talking on Friday about how he keeps his house at 53 degrees because he doesn't want his heating bill to be huge. I called him a cheap muthafugger then and I do it now too. 53 degrees is cold. Why build a nice house if you are not going to keep it comfortable for you and your wife. Insane.

So I made a call and hope that it went through (back to the cell phone sucking line). Let the tenant know of the problem as well. Maybe it was just my time to have things breaking on me.


djw said...

don't wait a year and a half to fix your furnace-like I did. It made for a very long winter!!!! But then again, with my new furnace, I leave the thermostat at 60 and just close off the back half of the house.

Blonde said...

I feel for you.

I hate the cold. I have the heat kicking at a cozy 75 all winter. I like to walk around naked, and the cold just won't do.

Thanks for the DD's. You outdo yourself everytime ;).