Saturday, December 17, 2005

TSO to the rescue

I am in a much better mood now with the whole Christmas thing. Yeah, screw you asswipes that don't want busineses to say Merry Christmas. I am totally against the Happy Holiday bullshit so we don't offend the Hannukah or Kwanza or whatever holiday other than Christmas you celebrate. Same to schools that call it a holiday vacation instead of Christmas vacation. Man some people need to stop being so touchy about every little thing.

So, as I was saying, I am in a bit more of a holiday mood now. I give credit to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Man, does their stuff rock! I am been playing that in the truck for the last couple of days and really have loved cranking it up. Usually during this time of the year, I am playing Savatage, Dead Winter Dead. That disc includes Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24. It may be one of the best discs I own.

But I digress again. Cranking TSO (especially the Whoville Medley) and finally speaking with my sister about what is going on next week has gotten me out of this funk. The clincher today was going online and buying toys for the nieces. I am not even sure what their ages are but after speaking with my friend Mark last night, he reinforced the way to buy toys for kids that aren't mine. Buy the loudest, most annoying thing you can find. So that is what I did. The boxes should be here by Friday at the latest and then next week it can drive my sister and her hubby nuts. Ha!

See, I don't need to be touchy about every little thing either.

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