Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2005 year in review

Well, if I remember parts of it, I would do a year in review but no one wants to read that crap anyway. Go to archives you dipshit.

I did establish a goal yesterday. Not for 2006 mind you. No, this one is for when I turn 60, liver allowing. After watching an episode of Monk on Sunday, I have decided that when I get older, I will go for the "crazy eyebrows old man look". I will allow my eyebrows to grow out and upward like all the old crazy men have nowadays. At least those that still have eyebrows.

I had thought of declaring "assjackery" to be my word for 2006 but it looks like it is playing itself out already. Too late to hop on that bandwagon.

I am thankful that it just rained a lot over the last two days. Otherwise we may have had half a foot of snow. That may still be better than the cloudy, gray days we have been having. Probably won't be another couple days until we see the sun, so why get all bummed out? Just head down to a bar and drink your troubles away.

Wow, this is a rather pitiful way to start the year. Oh well. It can only get better.

In the meantime, go read this: Overheard in New York. I blame Iggy for my addiction to it.


Blonde said...

DO NOT let the eyebrows get unruly. Even old dried up broads don't want a man with bad brows.

I hate when old men let the eyebrow, nose and ear hair thing go crazy...gak...I am going to vomit at the thought of it.

Ignatious said...

man, i love that site. hope you had a great new year!!

Aleta said...

I am making this promise to you and all our friends that if you let the eyebrows go that I will clip them....I figure by the time you're 60 and still drinking that eventually you will pass out.

WhisKeYGyrL said...

In that case Auntie aleta we might as well wax em too... ;) Happy new year!!

StB said...

Maybe I want to look like one of the old Muppet guys who hands in the balcony...