Monday, January 02, 2006

No window was broken

Don't know how I fell.

Next thing I know I was laying on the floor staring at the ceiling hoping the slot machine didn't break the winow. I crawled back to my feet and looked over to the glass.



This morning I look at the spot where I fell and have an idea of what happened. I must have tripped on a gift I had received from my father. Guess I should move that to the basement so it is out of the way.

I think it has been 13 hours since I had a beer. Time to go watch the Badgers.

1 comment:

Blonde said...

Glad that you are alive and well :).

Did you spill your drink when you fell? I hope that you mastered the fine art of falling from Al's act in Vegas.

Hope that you are ok. Anything you need me to kiss and make better?