Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Let Judge Wapner handle this

Like most sensible people, I hate frivolous court cases. I despise people who use the legal system to cheat innocent people or businesses. I despise the lawyers who seek out possible defendants and then build a case for them. But I do not want to get started on that one. Or the guy suing Wal-Mart because his wife kidnapped in their parking lot. Like that is their fault.

I meant to comment on this clown last week. Simply put, this guy ran onto the field during a Browns/Steelers game 2 weeks ago. He got slammed to the ground and arrested. I was shocked the guy was pleading not guilty. You are caught on videotape doing this. How do you think you are not guilty? Of course, he blamed alcohol (bastard!). But instead of being a man about it, he took the coward’s way out. He took a court date and then changed his plea to no contest. What a dolt!

Then there is everyone’s favorite seafaring football team. All the parties involved have plead not guilty. This will attempt to make its way through the court system. The players will win, as there is very little evidence against them. The *ahem* performers will not talk. Hell, they can’t even identify them. Of course the players will not speak either or they would incriminate themselves.

But what harm was done on the boats? Employees claim they were “fearful for their safety”. How? Why cuz you thought you might have to blow Culpepper too? They only harm I see is that the boat owners should have been told what kind of party was going on. They could then decide to reject the business. If any damage was done to the boats, the players pay and they get no money back. So what if they had sex on a lake. People are probably doing that all summer. Get over it!

I keep walking by some of the orphaned Christmas cookies that are laying about. I fight the tempation to grab one each time as I go by. Actually it isn't that hard. They are the crappy cookies that no one wants anyways. Just a matter of time before someone makes the move and tosses them away.


J. Gambino said...

Stay away from orphaned cookies, even if they were any good, they would be stale by now. One less cookie can lead to one more "big mouth"? (hmm, hmm, hmm?) You avoided the buckets last week. Let's go and see "H" and her big ones, I mean the big beer bottles.

Blonde said...

Those cookies are like used up old bar sluts...they are still sitting there for a one wants to eat them because they do not taste good.

My fave lawsuit was the parents who sued (and failed) McDonald's because it made their son (10 y.o.) fat. As if the kid drove himself to McD's and paid for the meals himself. Fucking assholes.