Thursday, January 12, 2006

The dream that was not to be told

Where to start today? I had a weird, but great dream last night. Now if only I could remember it. It was better than the one I had the other night with the swimming snakes (no, not on a plane) that acted like cats and didn't eat the baby. Damn. I swear it was good.

I have updated the Shitty Driver list. I had omitted two others that deserve mention. The Wig point out one. The clown who speeds up when you are trying to merge from the on ramp or if you are trying to change lanes. Like it is the end of the fucking world to let a car in.

The other is the person who must keep at least 10 car lengths between them and the car in front of theirs. This sucks when traffic is backed up. It looks like there is no one in front of them for a mile. You feel like you are waiting in a slow moving line, which no one likes. You then watch traffic from another lane pass them and move into the empty space and get somewhere. I am not saying them need to be on the other car's ass, but there is no need for them to be so far back.
I could really go for a nice morning beer. A nice oatmeal stout would hit the spot right about now. I do not know what it is but I feel like I haven't had a beer in ages.

So the Packers may be announcing their new head coach today. *begin sarcasm* Just from a glance, it looks like they picked a real winner. They hired the coordinator of the worst of the offense in the NFC. Oh wait. The worst in the NFL. But let's give him some credit. He was middle of the pack in 2004 with the Saints and just about in the upper third of the league in 2003. Oh wait. That is a downward trend. But at least they are grabbing someone from a successful program. *end sarcasm*

That is good news for the Cowboys for now. One less team trying to take a young coordinator in Payton. Better yet, they passed on Brown's coordinator Maurice Carthon. I wasn't happy to see him leave the Cowboys this year as I think he may be the man to take over for Parcells in two years. Hopefully he will still be around.

My Shitty Driver list got me to thinking also. Besides thinking I could still use that morning beer, it reminded me of my first attempt at a website. This was years ago before the term "blog" was ever created. I had a Geocities page titled "What's pissing me off". I may just bring some of that back. No not the old content. I don't have that. I wish I had some of that. I had chronicled my story of Psycho Tenant there as well as some other generally weird things. It would be interesting to read to see what I was doing then.

Back to work for now.


WhisKeYGyrL said...

I got one for you to add to the drivers list as well.... What about the person that leaves 10 carlengths between (in a traffic jam) then proceeds to fly up your azz at mock speed each time traffic moves ever so slightly!!! (In essence, you (the normal driver) are cringing each time you move forward as you see this azz flying up yours!!! OOOH how bout the "make-up applicators"... They are always fun to dodge as they are weaving side to side applying the eyeliner... Ok so I lied there was two more... =)

AWE said...

How about the 2 truck drivers, side by side, going up hill. You know the truck that cut out in front of you knowing he isn't going to make it past the other one, just to slow down to 25mph in the left lane.

J. Gambino said...

I remember your old site, and the psycho tenant e-mails. How could I forget the birth of Gambino? Good times, good times.