Friday, January 13, 2006

I never did get that beer yesterday

One thing led to another and then another and then I was at the final table. I had led or been in the top 3 for most of the tournament. But I went out 9th when I didn't catch cards in the last hour. Oh well. Snakes on a plane.

Which meant that I never did make it out for a beer yesterday. Milwaukee hit a balmy 54 degrees yesterday. WTF? That just means the global warming freaks will start blowing more hot air. My response to them is it happens. Yesterday's high wasn't even the record. The record is 60 which was set back in 1870 I think. Was there a global warming issue back then? Too many candles being burnt? Who was keeping those records back then too?

I did get a laugh out of the weather report yesterday. You know how the weather guy will go to local schools to teach the kids about weather. They will get shot of the class all happy because they are going to be on TV. There was one poor kid in the classroom wearing a tie. I shit you not! This poor schlep was forced to wear a tie to school all because some weatherman was going to be there? I would be that they did all this in the morning because you knew he was getting teased for wearing a tie and was going to be in a fight at recess. Still, what parent makes a kid (3rd grade mind you) wear a tie because some weather hack is coming to your school?

I never did get a response back from the Hog man. Guess he wasn't serious about listening to what people wanted to hear. Instead he will keep playing the J Geils Band. Like that belongs on a rock station. What will end up happening is the station will get a slight boost in the ratings for a quarter or two and then slump again. Milwaukee radio will continue to be in a suckhole. And I will continue to listen to my cds or to Music Choice on cable.

Tonight I intend to play some poker at a church. Not sure if it is a fundraiser or not but there is potentially some good money involved. I also hear there is good food too and all the beer I care to drink until they kick me out. Sweeeeeeeet!

Oh, there is also one more driver to add to the list of Shitty Drivers. The jerkoff who cannot use the on ramp to accelerate to freeway speed and merge properly. They are the opposite of the ass who doesn't let you merge. The putter along and wait until the last couple of feet to move into the lane. You even slow down to let them in, but the asswipe slows down too. WTF? It is bad enough this person will get up to 40mph before hitting traffic but you have to be stuck behind them.


Fat Dan said...

There is a driver I don't see on the list. it is actually a subcategory of all the drivers you have listed.

It is the person that when they do sometings completely stupid/illegal/dangerous on the highway and almost kill you, they flip you off.

It is as if they hate their lives so much that they are trying to committ suicide on the highway and are pissed off that you didn't complete their master plan.

The list seems to be pretty accurate other than that.

StB said...

Ah yes, the person who is never at fault. Good one.

AWE said...

Poker at church, hope you get a Hell of a hand.

Don't forget about the driver that starts to take the wrong ramp, then swerves back into traffic without looking.