Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hoot Hoot

No weird dreams last night. Sorry to disappoint.

Though Milwaukee may be a suckhole for radio, I do appreciate the prizes they hand out. Last week I was the beneficiary of a prize from the Brew, a wing party at Hooters. I check out their site sporadically for stuff. Ok, honestly I only check it out when I get an email saying I haven't checked it out in a long time.

They give you points to sign up for prizes so I piled my free points into said wing party. However, it wasn't quite the wing party I was expecting. No all-the-wings-you-can-stuff-in-your-piehole-for-you-and-10-of-your-friends kind of prize. Just 50 free wings. I ain't complaining. Free wings are good.

I stopped in to collect the prize last night. Apparently one building holds half of the stations in the Milwaukee area. One secretary hands out prizes for each of the stations' giveaways. I waited patiently for an older lady to collect her tickets to some ballroom dance party being thrown by some AM station. She had also won a Mary Tyler Moore DVD set. Though I try to negotiate my way into those DVDs as well, I gave up when the younger girl handing out the prizes told me about her Saved by the Bell collection she has at home. Ok freako!

Yes, I am allowed to call people freaks. Especially after those dreams.

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AWE said...

Hooters, hooters, wings, beer, all of it free, that could be a Mastercard commercial.