Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I thought I was pretty damn funny

Gambino sent out a link for a drinking game one could participate in during the SOTU. She said one must do something since Bush would be on every channel. My response: He better not be on Playboy Channel. Not the kind of bush I want to see there.

I thought is was very clever and funny. Of course, the funnier response would have been: That is why I will put on the Playboy Channel. There is rarely any bush seen there.

I got a mystery check in the mail yesterday. Fifty bones were sent to me from an online poker site. Funny thing was, I didn't recognize the name. I went to check it out and saw I have an account with them. But no money was missing. I have no clue why this check was sent. More booze money for me!

I saw a commercial for the NEW AND IMPROVED Monster Ballads. The Platinum Edition. Ooooooooooooo! I have no clue exactly what was added to make it Platinum. But you can always pay more to have it express delivered. Exactly who the hell needs to have a CD that has been out for a couple of years express delivered? Is there a person out there you is dying to hear White Lion sing about children crying? Or Slaughter flying to angels? What about Europe whining about Carrie? Every rose may have it thorn but I highly doubt anyone cannot wait a week to hear these "classics".


Fat Dan said...

I already ordered mine. I drove to the warehouse to pick it up.

AWE said...

Next day air for lots of hair.

I got a rebate check yesterday for $40. It will be used wisely tonight.

J. Gambino said...

I was so excited to have my platinum edition, I had it bronzed.

WhisKeYGyrL said...

Let me guess... You bought it didn't you???

StB said...

C'mon whiskeygyrl, I don't need to buy that. I probably have them all on their original CDs. :)