Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Chicken McNugget Stir Fry?

I think that is what I had for lunch yesterday. Chicken McNugget Stir Fry. It was quite disappointing. Usually the stir fry they serve is pretty good. The chicken is moist and tender, having been marinated. The veggies are not over-cooked. The jasmine rice is great.

But yesterday the chicken was breaded. It was like they changed their mind and were trying a General Tso's chicken concept. But it failed. It was rather bad.

While enjoying the Wisconsin Cheese soup, I couldn't help but wonder if they make California Cheese soup in Cal.

I have noticed my transition from mean sober person to nice drinking guy. The transformation was complete yesterday when I let some jagoff cross two lanes to make his exit. Though he just about hit the guy on the Harley before the exit, I decided not to punish him for doing so and did not force him to go over a long bridge.

Later I would let two cars exit the parking lot. Man, am I a great person or what?

Speaking of the long bridge- the Hoan Bridge by the lakefront- I have been entertained by the lost people crossing it. Currently there is a massive construction project (map here) in what in Milwaukee is called the Marquette Interchange. Because of the demolition going on, normal highway routes to Chicago are temporarily gone. You cannot go east on 94 to catch 43 south to Chicago. The detour send you over the Hoan Bridge.

Most cars seem to miss the detour signs because the drivers generally have a desperate look on their faces as they go over the bridge. They are not hard to spot because they either have FIB (read Illinois) plates or the go 20 mph over the speed limit after going 20 below. I like to look at these people to see if they are clueless as to where they are going (yeah, one of the few times I look at other drivers when driving). I see the panic and smile.

What usually happens is that they drive about 7 miles out of their way and then turn back to try and go back to catch the correct route. If they are going to Chicago, the only needed to go roughly 2-3 more miles down, exit and then head west to catch 43 south to Chicago. See, follow the marked detour route and you will get home. Instead, by turning back, they will drive back into construction where they cannot get onto 43 south without trying to find their way through the city. Or go all the way to 45 and catch it around. Estimated drive time for that is roughly 30-40 minutes. Yes, 40 minutes to drive back and around for taking another 15 and following directions.

But they make me laugh. That makes me the happy drinking person again. Buy me a drink and I become happier drinking guy. But when I don't have any ice in the house, I am not so happy. I went to get ice and had none. Then I noticed I had only one ice tray. WTF? I know I had two. Someone stole one of my ice trays?

Of course that did not stop me from grabbing the bottle of Maker's. I opened the bottle and took a deep breath. Sweet aroma flowed through my nostrils. I just about got wood before grabbing a glass and pouring.

Ahh, tasty. Lack of ice won't stop me.


J. Gambino said...

I took your ice tray, and your Jesus fish.

I will replace both while at the dollar store tonight.

my verification word is fuukjt. But the j looks a little like an i. Pretty funny.

AWE said...

I thought about our talks of road-rage on the way to work this morning. It was raining like hell and some girl was tailgating me. When we finally got to the four lane she started to pass me and I started clapping at her. It pissed her off badly.

The talk of the soup made me think about how I am going to eat a Virginia ham sandwich in TN.

I plan on taking a couple for the team tonight. I am glad you are back drinking so the supplies will be lower. I will be leaving work early today, about 1:30pm est, and heading for the bar. It is a friends birthday so we are all going to get hammered.

djw said...

At least you didn't take his chair, lamp, and paddle-ball game.