Friday, April 21, 2006


I get leery when certain people I haven't talked to in a long time suddenly call me. Don't know why exactly. When some persons that I haven't seen or talk to in a long time suddenly picks up a phone to dial me, it makes me wonder what the hell is going on.

So when an old friend called yesterday, I decided to let the machine take it. I mentioned this guy last October here. And his crazy wife here. I was kinda hoping it was a different person, one I had worked with last year and had sent an email to about heading out for happy hour next Friday.

But it wasn't.

I didn't call him back either. Two reasons. First, I thought my beer was more interesting. Yes, beer outranks this guy right now. Second, was the message he left. A simple "Give me a call. Just seeing what you are up to". I haven't seen or spoke to this guy in well over a year. You can't leave a message that sounds like we have been hanging out for the last couple of months, getting drunk in a bar. Ok, maybe he was getting drunk in bars over the last couple of months. I sure the Hell wouldn't know.

I will call him back sometime today. It isn't right to totally ignore someone like that. Plus, I have nothing against him. Good guy, bad situation. That is all.

Summerfest is shaping up to be very craptacular. While most of the side stages have yet to fully booked, what they have is not too interesting. At least for my tastes. Maybe you like the Go Gos. I don't.

The amphitheater acts are the same old same old. This is where they are going down hill fast. Can they book a show that did not play here last year? Get real. Chesney, Petty, Nickelback(Though I must say I am shocked to see Chevelle opening for Nickelback. They will shock the teeny boppers that think Nickelback is heavy). The same acts playing the same songs. My guess is they get another retread in Mellencamp. Plus another country act. No wonder I am going to Vegas during Summerfest again.

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