Sunday, May 21, 2006

and you really care

I didn't make it out to Hart Fest on Friday. I headed up to Big Mommas to escape the inevitable. The thoughts of what would go on Saturday were weighing heavy on my mind. I was willing to sit there, watch baseball, and sort things out 32 ounces at a time.

It was one of those interesting nights. Apparently there are a group of guys who come in every Friday right after work. You know the kind. The young, dumb, and full of cum crowd. They all wear the same type of clothes (the metrosexual look), are boisterous, shake dice, constantly make phone calls, and pound pussy shots. In this case, it is Jager bombs. They try to keep the attention of the bartenders just to show they aren't gay. All the while bragging about money or how many shots they did. They can be entertaining to a point but are usually annoying.

I sat down and talked with the old man Pat. Next to him were some low life looking types and one really drunk chick. I thought the drunk chick was with the guys. She was talking with them and it appeared they were buying her drinks. Next thing I know old man Pat is leaning in and talking to her. She utters a line that had me and the bartender cracking up. Ladies, you may want to try this one out. Pat asked her something, she responds and then says "You do know I am deaf?" Pat's hearing is worse than hers and he keeps going in. I think they were even making out at one point. Though he is old, he still got game apparently.

There is another group of guys who have become regulars at Big Mommas. Shifty looking guys. They are the smooth talkers who think that all the women want them. And one of them just doesn't shut up. He will pound his Kettle concoction. The other one drinks- get this- taps of Bud Light with ice. WTF? You might as well drink water. Why are you even in a bar? If I was the bartender, I wouldn't serve him. I would tell him to leave. Anyone who is order colored water and then adds ice should just stick to kiddie cocktails. They are stronger.

After shooting the shit with Dave and getting my fill, I came home to play some drunken poker before hitting the sack. Saturdy was going to be a long day. We got quite a bit down but there is much more to do. I didn't realize I would be crawling around an attic for an hour. This is suddenly a summer project. Many more Saturdays will need to be devoted to this task. It sucks to put so much time in and realize you have only made a dent.

Things could be worse. I was sad to see that the Rolling Rock brand was sold to Anheuser Busch. Great, now AB is going to mess with another beer. The poor people of Latrobe, PA are losing their brewery as AB has already decided to make the Rock elsewhere. Rolling Rock is a good beer. They better not mess with the recipe.


Erik said...

I wonder if they are going to bother with the same bottle. The back does say "From the glass lined tanks of the Old Latrobe..." I still can recite the back of that bottle by memory. I've drank a lot of Rock in my days.

Kris said...

Rolling Rock and Natty Light will always make me think of college.