Friday, May 19, 2006

If you're really there

You cannot beat good drink, good friends, and a good meal. A triumvirate to beat all.

The Leinie Sunset Wheats were going down well yesterday. Right after work it started by saying goodbye to a co-worker. Then it was moved downtown for some good Italian food as we celebrated Cor's birthday.

I had a good night. Don't feel too bad this morning either.

Which is good since my email is screwed up. Nothing worse than finding out the distribution lists you have been creating and maintaining for the last year were replaced with an archived copy-unbeknownst to me (yeah, I wanted to say unbeknownst)- after I had sent a company wide email yesterday. Now I will have to fill in the gaps, resend it to people who may have not received it, and feel the wrath of my boss. It will be total bullshit. I had worked hard to combine 4 lists into 2 and now it the work was gone. Maybe I don't tell her...

The Brewers cooled off the hot Phillies. SWEEP. It wasn't the prettiest way. They basically sputtered for 5 innings, then busted loose for one and held on to win by a run. Same formula for every game. Now they need to continue it against a weaker Twinkies team. I will have to hit one of these games this weekend, most likely Sunday.

Yeah, if I found out a former porn star was now working here I would only check it out if it was a chick. I would have fellow female co-workers or friends to check any guys out. As Erik points out, when guys see watch any action-adventure movies, we don't care about the dude in there. Thing is, if it was a guy, you would pretty much have to become his friend. It would be a sure fire hookup. You know he would still have connections and go to wild parties. So you would have to get in good to get in good. Unless he was in gay porn. Then you really need to be careful.

I am disheartened that I won't be joining the gang at the campgrounds this weekend. Lots of work tomorrow. Things should go smoothly. I may have to get in a dial-a-shot with the by the campfire. It would be the closest thing to being there.

I may make up for it by hitting up Hart Fest. It is the first festival of the season. May be cool but the beer is still drinkable. The music may not be the best (local band the Toys are playing- can you say overrated?) but it should be a good time still. Kind of like training camp for the real events later in the summer.


Aleta said...

We will certainly miss you! I'll make sure MaMa Connie is close to a phone for the dial-a-shot call. Even if she's not you know she's going to grab the phone. Little lush that she is. Hope all goes well on your weekend project.

J. Gambino said...

I will keep my phone in my pocket, on vibrate. So you may have to call a few times. Funny, hubby in is bucket stupor said through his mask in bed, "I sure am going to miss that SOB this weekend."
As will I. Just for fun I will have to answer a few trivia questions in your honor with your favorite words.
Best of luck this weekend.

AWE said...

I just had a guy offer to give me tickets to an Orioles/Yankee game in Baltimore. I was thinking about it then I remembered I was going to the beach a couple of weeks later. So I decided to save points and the airline miles for later. Besides I don't give a damn for either team.

Erik said...

Damn. And I was thinking of joining you guys at the bar tonight. Probably good to rehydrate today before the weekend, I suppose.

Are we going to learn what the gal at work's stage name was?

Have a fun weekend. Try not to listen to the Toys. Concentrate on the beer. ;)

Hey Jo said...

We will miss you this weekend. Who else can I beat in poker?? If you change your mind, drive on down tomorrow evening with P&K.

I will also keep my phone and pager on vibrate, just in case ;)

djw said...

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