Monday, May 22, 2006

cuz baby I'm not...F.F.F.Foolin

The new Def Leppard disc comes out tomorrow. I was listening to it on Vh1 yesterday. Ugh! That is some awful music. Sounds nothing like Def Leppard. More like David Bowie meets ELO. Sadly, this is what they were aiming for. Pyromania? Only if you buy this disc and burn it in disgust. In fact, if the Leppard came to town, I would probably pass on seeing them. I wouldn't want to listen to four songs off this crappy albums.

Amazingly, the people of New Orleans re-elected their crappy mayor. WTF? He does one crap ass job of evacuating a city and gets rewarded with another term? I found it interesting how people were encouraged to drive in to vote or how they provided buses to bring them back. Um..if they are not living there now, and are driving back to Houston or Atlanta after placing their vote, why are they allowed to vote? They are not residents of the city. Should those who are living in N.O. be forced to live with the bad decision made by others who aren't even there?

Why does it seem that the local TV reporters always find the dumbest people to interview for some stories? Yesterday, I hear a story on the news that the Racine County Zoo is going to start charging people for admission. They can no longer offer a free zoo because of costs. So of course they interview one adult and one child. Yeah, the 6 year old kid know what the hell is going on. The adult says they are disappointed they will have to pay and may not come. The child says "I don't think they should change". That is some fantastic reporting. Of course if something is free, people will balk if they suddenly have to pay for it.

I found this article interesting. Though I have no clue what the fuck they are talking about. If these bitches want to fuck with me, well, I will kick the shit out of them. Dumb fuckstick bastard douchebags!

Speaking of fuckstick bastard douchebags, some of you may be familiar with the story of one Bobby Bracelet. He has been shut down by the douchebags for which he works. Apparently they did not like his sense of humor. Ignorantly enough, they forces him to stop when he was working hard to help someone else. Bob has been one of the driving forcec behind For Peyton. How does some douchebag not see that?

So in honor of Bob, I think you should try to work one of his favorites words into your conversation today- douchebag. Call you co-worker a douchebag day! Of course, other forms of the word- douchebagging, douchebaggerry, douchebaggedly, douchebaggingly, douchebagged, or any other you care to create- can be used as well.


AWE said...

What was that reporter thinking when she wrote that fucking article about swearing?

I have a saying when they pick out the dumbest person for a story, it is called the "Damnedest Storm" people. You know the reporter asks what it was like and they say "It was the damnedest storm I ever saw."

chuckieeverdapper said...

Wow, before I left for work today, I told my roommate to have a douchebaggerific day. Then I kicked him in the balls.

StB said...

Damn chuckie, I am not sure how to respond to that. Except laugh.

Nice spin on the use of douchebag.

Huge Junk said...

Please don't forget such great versions as, Doucheriffic, Douchetastic, and Douchalisciousness.

Is it time for the fucking Bash yet?!?