Thursday, May 18, 2006

Anybody care?

It was a bountiful bucket night yesterday. I guess people were sick of the rain and when the storm finally let up, drinking beer was what all the cool kids had to do. Even the resident bingologist showed up. We didn't solve the world's problems but came close.

Text messages were the thing last night. Eva started it by talking shit on my Brewers. I would have the last laugh as they would go on to win, but not after making it closer than it should have been.

I think it was during the sex talk (when is the best time? Morning apparently for the ladies I was with) that the Blonde called. But it wasn't the Blonde. It was Al. He and Big Mike had hooked up with her at a strip club and were calling to do a dial-a-shot. I could hardly hear him with the music blaring in the bar on my end and high class stripper music on his end. I fought my way up to get a shot and the dial-a-shot was completed.

I think we got onto sex because a friend of mine had mentioned he had never had make up sex. Claims he has never fought with any of his girlfriends. I was shocked. Everyone has disagreements. I guess he just doesn't let it escalate. I encouraged him to start something so he could have make up sex before they broke up. Hey, some things you gotta do.

I did learn something last night. If you text message someone lyrics to the song that is playing on the jukebox, it may confuse the hell out of them. Especially if it is Deep Purple. So think before sending "We must remain Perfect Strangers". It may save you a hassle.

I ran across this story yesterday and it kinda bothered me. Kids chasing sports cars is not as weird as fencing? It was bad enough that it was a lame ass story about kids who tape cars, but the names of two kids really ticked me off. Who the hell names their kids Spyder and Dash? Seriously. The parents deserve an ass kicking for doing that. Then the kids. I wish I had a kid that was 14 years old. I would take him to California just to kick this kid's ass because his name is Spyder. There is also the comment the dad makes saying that they could be doing something weird, like say...fencing? WTF?

I believe more beer is on top for tonight. After work is a going away party, followed by a birthday dinner, and then probably big mouths. Or little mouths. It doesn't really care as long as the beer is cold.


AWE said...

No wonder the kids are named Spyder and Dash the mom's name is Tippi.

Aleta said...

You never did tell me about your ex-boss last night.

StB said...

Guess that is a tale for the next time...

Blonde said...

Oh that is what you meant when you text me that!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Deep Purple was before my time, Pops.

I enjoyed my night out with the boys and boobies. Wish you could have been there.

I will call you every morning while I am masturbating and leave you a message if you'd like ;)...

StB said...

I wish I could have been out there too. I like boobs. A lot.

Sweet, I have that going for me. Which is nice.

Deep Purple is before my time too. Just some good music to listen to.