Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bang your head

First thing I see in my email today is information about the bowling event tonight. People from California who have never bowled are setting this up. Thus I should not have been surprised to read about bowling only one game. WTF? No one bowls just one game unless you are on frickin' television and may win the dinner bucket or the picket fence prize!*

*Ok, only locals who remember the local smash hit TV show The Bowling Game will know what that means. Sorry peeps.

I got home from work later than usual last night. I passed on working out in favor of laying on the couch getting my metal on. Caught the second half of Behind the Music featuring Pantera. Man, was their lead singer messed up. Even in the interviews for the show, you can tell he just doesn't get it. His brain is fried. Still tragic what happened to Dimebag Darrel. I still remember hearing about his death on the radio the next day. Not because he died but people actually expected this shitty radio station (now the Hog) to play all Pantera songs from A to Z (schlocky gimmick they like to do). They never played Pantera to begin with so why the heck would they now? In the end, they put Walk on and that was it.

Next was Supergroup, the musical version of the Real World. What do you get when you put 5 metal musicians in a gay looking house and force them to make an album and play a concert within 12 days? Chaos! Or so they would like you to think. Interesting group though. Ted Nugent has the strongest personality and maybe the most respect of the group in the beginning. Scott Ian of Anthrax. Sebastian Bach of Skid Row. Jason Bonham of...Foreigner? Yes, he is playing with Foreigner now. And Evan Seinfeld of Biohazard. A rather eclectic group.

I thought the funniest thing of the first episode had to be the house. It was butt ugly. Garish. Totally gay! It must have been Liberace's old mansion in Vegas. Ian and Nugent would just amazed by how gay the place was.

The show could be interesting as they hint there will be a fight and Seinfeld will leave before it is over. Hell, the guy is married to porn star Tera Patrick (sorry, no link as I am doing this from work, otherwise hell yeah I would show you her tits!) and produces her movies, I would be leaving to go back to that as well. Of all the people, I would say he is the one that doesn't belong in the group anyways.

After that was over, Heavy: The history of Metal was on. Good stuff. This episode focused mainly on the Brits and the early days with Judas Priest. Later they moved on to Iron Maiden and Van Halen. Tons of interviews with former axemen, lead singers, DJs, magazine people and even VJs to go along with the music.

After 20 minutes I had to search out the rest of the episodes and DVR them. If only for the interviews. I think it may be a known fact of life. Rock stars do not age well. Here is the top 5 list of the rock stars or wannabes shown that look like hell warmed over. Sorry I have no time to search for photos.

5. Eddie Van Halen- ok, they didn't interview him on the show but have you seen him lately?
4. Nina Blackwood- yeah, she was a VJ, not a rock star but she looked like she was ridden hard and put away wet way too many times in her life.
3. Dee Snider- Not the prettiest boy in the group to begin with but he gets uglier with age. Hurts to say that cuz House of Hair is worth listening to and Snider still rocks.
2. Stephen Pearcy of Ratt. Now I know where my old catchers mitt is. Pearcy is using it for his face.
1. Jani Lane of Warrant- He must still be on drugs. He looks nothing like he did when he was in Warrant. His hair was stringy, looking like he lost patches of it. He looked sweaty and talked like he had just sandpapered his throat.

One final thing before I get to work. The promos for American Idol are killing me. America sits around their TV tonight waiting to hear who is crowned the next American Idol. It's the biggest television even of the season! Yeah, right. Eat my shorts. Only the braindead watch this show and care enough to believe and buy the music. Just another case of the recording industry trying to make you music decisions for you. Do yourself a favor. Go find some music that is truly fresh and original and listen to that, not some manufactured crud.


AWE said...

I tried to watch AI but I thought I would poke my eyes out.

mmbrew said...

Lee Rothman, Tom Kohl... The Bowling Game!! (Don't forget Bowling with the Champs too)

Can't wait to see who's crowned "The next American Idol". Yawn. What ever happened to Ruben Studdard?

J. Gambino said...

I miss the Bowling Game. Did you get the "Secret Strike?" I believe Piggly Wiggly was one of their sponsors, gotta love the pig!

I was laughing at the Supergroup show when they went to the strip club and Scott Ian did not care much for it.

As for American Idol, Ruben Studdard because he did not know the words.

StB said...

And the award for joke-you-need-to-read-a-couple-of-times-until-you-groan-and-realize-it-is-a-joke award goes to *drumroll*....Gambino!

djw said...

Bowling For Dollars with the Gurnetts(sp?).
It wouldn't surprise me if Seinfeld left early because he left his own show way too early. So early in fact, he didn't have time to do a decent final episode. That trial gimmick sucked.
Thanks for the tip. I just thought she (gambino)missed some words

Erik said...

Gotta love Scott Ian for humor value. He always was an entertaining guy.

Why do you put yourself through listening to the Hog anyway? There's a reason I only listen to CD's.

Bowling has to be a Milwaukee thing. The only city where one out of every two housholds has at least one bowling ball.

djw said...

I use to have two--until 'the accident'.