Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Knocking down pins

"For a note from your doctor saying you don't like to suck cock?!" - Tony

That line cracked me up Sunday night. I thought Sunday's show was pretty good. There were some hilarious lines, scenes, and whackings. Except for the rag that Carmella went to France with, I thought it was one of the better nights this season. The Sopranos is just about done for the year now. Only one more episode before hiatus again. Then we have to wait probably 8 years to see how it all wraps up.

Boss is in town this week. Someone is setting up a bowling outing for her. Don't ask. I have no clue why. But that means I have to be on my best behavior and go out drinking with her. The things I do for my career.

Is it me or do there seem to be too many protests going on over the silliest things? Have we gone protest crazy in this country? Condoleeza Rice speaks at Boston College and everyone gets their undies in a bunch. The NRA holds a convention in Milwaukee and people are out with their signs. Everywhere President Bush goes, someone feels the need to organize a bunch of people to make a scene. Now, we have the right to free speech in this country so I am not against people protesting. But they are protesting over little things way too often. So Rice speaks to a graduating class. Is that a reason to quit your job there? If you don't like someone, isn't it more effective to not show up? If no one shows, that gets a message across. Making a bunch of signs and chanting slogans that rhyme just show you are nuts. Why can't these people focus their energy on a better cause that might help people?

I see no one still likes the Dixie Chicks. They want to blame it on comments they made about the President and the war, but could it just possibly be that the music sucks?


AWE said...

I hope Natalie Maines is choking on a cock hair as I type this.

AWE said...

Since you mentioned Dixie Chicks this should have been douchebag day.

Blonde said...

The Dixie Chicks sucked before the Bush comment. Those cunts are no good...

The Sopranos did have some good lines this week. Tony giving his kid shit was THE BEST.

Rock on with your bad self