Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Words of advice for men

Guys, I relay some advice that I suggest you heed.

If you need to use the restroom because of the gallon of water you have been drinking, go directly to the urinal at once. Do not stop along the way. No matter how tempting the sticky rice krispy treat may be, fight the urge to grab one along the way. You will not realize how sticky the treat is until you unzip and pull out. Now you are stuck with a sticky penis. Being a workplace restroom, it is not like you can just throw your junk into the sink and wash it off. Thus you are stuck with sticky dick all day.

If only you could find the cute trampy chick in the office to help you out. But they fire you for things like that nowadays.


djw said...

Maybe you could rinse it off in a bucket--after the beer is gone. Wait a minute--Now that I think about, forget I said anything.

Aleta said...

Well..well..well..quite the little situation you got yourself into today. I guess asking Connie to make Rice Krispy treats (which according to you are over-rated) for camping is out now.

iamhoff said...

Practical advice. Bring on the trampy office chicks!

Blonde said...

I love Rice Krispie treats! I like sucking them off cock even more.

Rock on with your bad self ;).

djw said...

Did anybody NOT know that was going to be her comment?

Erik said...

Hell, screw them if they don't like the sticky cock. They need to lick the sweetness off and enjoy it.

My word verification word is vulvzki. I just about fell over, since it fit the post a little too well. Thought I'd share.

J. Gambino said...

I guess we better watch out what is served at group camp. No way are you dipping the schlong in my Jack & Coke.

And yes djw, we all knew that was going to be her comment.

What was that iamhoff? Bring on the trampy chicks? Enough said.