Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Insert evil laugh here

I looked at the grass yesterday evening and was happy. The dandelions were falling over, the creeping charlie was shriveling up, the pricker weeds were wilting. With a sneer, I let out an audible evil laugh.

I have won round 1. The weed and feed worked well once again.

But my laughter would soon die when I realized the "feed" portion had truly kicked in and I would have to mow the lawn soon. The next audible is not appropriate for children. Add some rain and I will be mowing the lawn a lot.

Mowing the lawn a lot. Is it only me but does that sound kinda dirty. What is he doing? Mowing the lawn. Yeah baby, a lot!

More acts for Summerfest are being announced. Nothing of great interest to me quite yet. I do find the Candlebox show slated for July 4 to pique my curiosity. I remember seeing them during their breakout year (year escapes me) when some friends from Michigan came to town. The Rock Stage was absolutely packed. You couldn't move. It was a good show too. Two years later they would basically be gone after the second album failed. Funny how the music business can be.

I see the band In Flames will be coming to town in August. Now I need to get my metal music loving friend to go to the show. GWAR is slated to be there too. That is just fun to say. GWARRRRRRRR!

I think the car across from me at the gas station drove off without paying this morning. I couldn't help but notice his car was still running when he was fueling. I looked at his pump and noticed there wasn't a 'prepay' notice on his like there was on mine. I kept an eye on him as he pulled the nozzle out of the tank, put the cap back on, but did not put the license plate back up (yeah, how old is that car that the gas tank is hidden by the license plate?) and non-chalantly jumped into his car and drove away. I tried to notice if the machine had the thank you notice up showing but it was a tad far to see. Maybe he did pay for it. Afterall, gas was only $2.80 this morning.

Maybe I shouldn't be sarcatic about gas prices. Afterall, we are still at war. A war we have been, and still are winning. Though the major media will never tell you that. Power Line has some interesting reading up from the enemy. Yet, some people will say it is a disaster over there. Continue to say prayers for the brave men and women defending our country. The are doing a fantastic job and hopefully will be home soon.


AWE said...

So that weed and feed stuff works? Did you buy the kind that plugs into your garden hose or is it something that you have to mix?

I ran a service station when I was in highschool and had a guy drive off from the full service pump. I threw a jug of motor oil at his car and broke the back window. He kept on going.

iamhoff said...

Living in a condo, don't have to worry about THAT mowing the lawn. I never got around to seeing GWAR live (something ironic about that statement), but I sure would love to. I'd love to have your gas prices, too. The cash price this morning was $3.37...credit was $3.45. Not enjoyable.

StB said...

AWE- I used the stuff two years ago with good results as well. Worth trying. I have used the one that has the hose hookup so you may need to beat the shit out of it to get it off the hose.

Ouch iamhoff. That is harsh! Two prices for gas? Don't seem right.