Thursday, June 01, 2006

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike

It was sunny yesterday afternoon. Much warmer at work than at home, but wouldn't stop me. As the hours went on, I noticed the sky clearing up, the sun coming out and it looking like a nice day. Though we had quite a bit of rain over the last 40 hours, I figured it wouldn't be that bad on the bike trails.

I quickly changed when I got home. You do not need fancy equipment to go riding a bicycle. I lot of my friends are spending big dollars to outfit themselves as they fancy themselves big cyclists now. Only one I know of is truly dedicated and she puts a lot of time into it. It is part of her life and she loves it. Others are on climbing the hill up to that level. If they want to spend that kind of money, power to them. Nothing wrong with it and I am not ragging on them for doing so.

But me? I will grab the Huffy bike I have had since grade school and hit the road. I have gotten over my complex of people staring at me cuz of the training wheels. Hey I have no balance, ok! C'mon, look at the beauty! How could I upgrade from that?

Actually, I have a Trek hybrid I purchased maybe over 10 years ago. I used to get regular tune ups for it and have kept it in good shape. I do not see any reason to get a new bike at this point.

I tossed on a t shirt, shorts, sweaty hat (no, the hat wasn't already sweaty, but a hat I wear when I know I am going to sweat. Why ruin a good hat?) to keep bug out of my hair and off I was. I don't need any gay bike shirt (this ain't no race), no shorts that are going to hug my boys, and no stupid helmet (do I need to go there again?), and no fancy shoes to click in.

I just need nice weather so I can ride along in peace and collect my thoughts. I really need to bring some kind of recording advice along on a trip too. I could probably record some good stuff. Like yesterday I had these thoughts:

  • Should I go through Death Shore Park, site of the recent shooting? Nah. The guy who did it is being reported as an illegal immigrant from Mexico and is running for the border (mental note: do not eat at Taco Bell tonight). I can't believe that is true. At all the recent rallies, they kept saying illegal immigrants are not criminals. Care to change their stance on this one?
  • Cute jogger. Could use bigger tits though. Nice thighs. I wonder how soft they- watch out for the puddle!
  • The 13 year old girls who had their bikes blocking the path at a blind spot were a nice tough. Thankfully you can't get in trouble here as it is a 90 degree turn. Still stupid place to be stopped. Good thing I was wearing a helmet. Ha!
  • This hill isn't so bad. Those condos don't look so great. That hippy dude is weaving all over the place on his bike.
  • For all the rain the last number of hours, the puddles aren't that bad.
  • I am glad those two boxers are on leashes. Always better when the owners are paying attention to the dogs and others who use the bike path. Cuz if a dog ever comes charging after me when I am riding, I am doing my best to kick the thing in the chops to get it away (sorry Blonde). It would kind of be like polo I guess.
  • Oh, those dogs are small. I don't think I could kick them.
  • I wonder if I could stash a cooler of beer somewhere along this path where I could take a break and enjoy a cold one but no one else would find it. Hmm....
  • The "Danger, Cliff Ahead" signs amuse me. Who is this Cliff guy and why is he so dangerous? Can't they get him out of the park? At least they warn us of him.
  • Ok, hippy dude isn't a dude. It was a dudette. One really ugly dudette.
  • There is that jogger again. Just a bit of perspiration on her. Unlike the runner coming up.
  • What is for dinner? Hmm.... tacos sound good.

No fat bottomed girls were harmed in the typing of this post. And yes, they do make the rocking world go round.


AWE said...

I need to get my bike back out but I know it is going to hurt the next day when I do.

djw said...
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Huge Junk said...

Nothing makes me want to punch a man in the face faster than seeing him all decked out like he thinks he's Lance Armstrong.