Monday, June 19, 2006

Back to F*#&ing work

That is what I found myself grumbling as I went to bed last night. Back to effing work. I need to find a way to make a living as I drink and have a good time.

Yeah, the weekend was a blast. I was out Drinking for Jesus on Friday night. St. Romans didn't quite live up to the hype on Friday. The crowd wasn't too bad. The band the same old thing (from what I have heard, they refuse to get something new or better since they will have a crowd no matter who is playing). Even the crowd was so trailer parkish that night.

But the beer was flowing and the conversations with friends were going. Before you knew it, the end of the night was here and I was standing by the booze tent, drinking rum and cokes. Unfortunately, they were pouring the worst rum known to mankind. Remember everyone, life is too short to drink bad booze. Only do so to humor someone. You will want to avoid Ron Rio rum at all costs. And if you win a bottle at the booze raffle, it is ok to "accidentally" drop it, and kick it around so the plastic bottle does eventually break open and it is wasted. Or you can use it to unclog a drain at home. I am sure it can eat through anything.

Drinking for Jesus will resume at the end of this week. St. Pauls looks to be the front runner. They usually have their festival the same weekend as Romans. Guess they finally got smart about going head to head with the big boys.

I had expected to go back to Romans in the sweltering heat on Saturday. Milwaukee was in the 90s most of the weekend. Which brings up a point I have a beef with. It is 90 degrees outside. Nice weather to have the top down and to drive along playing some good old rock 'n roll. I saw at least a half dozen people driving convertibles with the top up, windows sealed, and apparently with the air conditioning on. WTF? Why do you own a convertible if you don't use it? It wasn't that hot. Yeah, it was warm, but there was a nice breeze. Such pussies!

The original plan was to continue to drink for the son of God on Saturday but a call came through to go catch the Brewers game instead. We could head up to Romans afterward. A little baseball sounded like a good idea. So glad I went as both pitchers tossed a great game and the Brew Crew won it in the bottom of the 9th. 40,000 fans went ballistic. Great time. We caught the game from the .300 club in the left field. Best thing about catching a game up there is the liquor sales do not stop in the 7th inning. You can keep getting drinks until they kick you out (which seemed to be about 30-40 minutes after the game ended). As we finished our round, we watched as they tended to the field.

At one point, two of the players came out with a bucket of balls and started throwing pitches to their kids. It was pretty cool to watch these little guys taking their hacks. They were out in right field by the wall. Even the littlest one who couldn't have been over 4, got off a couple of boomers, sending them over the wall. Those that were left in the club cheered each time he went deep.

Once they kicked us out, we headed out. A call was made to Romans where the report was that they crowd was hot and ugly. The coolness of the bar sounded like a much better idea to me. Soon the other guys who headed to church would show up saying it wasn't worth their time. I sucked down a couple cold ones before retiring.

The weekend was quite nice. I could have used another day to relax. Instead, I am here, back at f*#& work.


AWE said...

I hated coming back to work after this weekend. My back is real tense from sleeping in that hotel bed.

I may have to check into a Brewer's game one day, possibly when the Braves come to town.

I wish I could remember what the Yankee's t-shirt said that I saw this weekend, it was funny as hell. It said something about they didn't wait 84 years between World Series wins. It was a real slam to Redsocks fans.

F-Train said...

Apparently hard at work, too!

Lisa said...

I checked out your site from my friend Weeds. And I've got to say, you had me at the hair band reference in your profile. Although, you should have Jims quote up first. There's something about his voice saying that he woke up and grabbed a beer. It is fricken Monday, damn it. I hope your week goes well.

WhisKeYGyrL said...

You know you had fun at Roman's!!!! =)

Clint said...

Sorry - but I have never had a good time at Romans - yes they have the same bands their every year and they sucked as much this year as they did in 1990 and the parking nightmare makes it virtually unbearable.