Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Wood at work

I had one of those extra weird days yesterday. For some reason, I couldn't stop thinking about a number of different women. They all had something in common. They had either just gotten divorced or are in the process of getting it done. There are 5 of them. Some I know at work, others elsewhere.

It just popped in my mind that I suddenly knew a bunch of attractive chicks that were back on the market. As I smiled at such a thought, I suddenly realized that it wasn't that they were back on the market that I was thinking about. Let's just say that I had some rather devious thoughts going through my mind.

Bottom line was that I realized at one point that I wasn't going anywhere for a bit of time. Had to sit there and wait it out if you know what I mean. Once it felt like the tides had retreated back to the ocean, I would walk over to the refrigerator to find the coldest soda I could. Later, I would have quite a bit of energy to bike with.

I had those thoughts out of my mind this morning. Until I saw a comment left by Lisa. Being the curious chap that I am, I clicked on through to her profile and saw she had two blogs. One being quite racy, the other being more personal. I will have to keep at eye on these. You know for *ahem* research purposes. I also am curious who this "Weeds" is she mentioned.

If I was smart, I wouldn't have read some of the sex content on the Lisa's racy site. Now I must site here for a spell. Let's see, what else is there to say...

Anyone watch Treasure Hunters on Sunday? Looks to be a rip off of the Amazing Race. Except with more riddles and puzzles to solve. Otherwise it is the same concept. Plus, they may have more than their share of stupid people. The rednecks have no chance whatsoever. Neither do the Miss USA chicks. They are dead money. However, the hot chicks comprising the grad students do. Big applause to the producers for putting them on the boat so they would have to strip down to jump in the water.

I hope to have a big, huge, stupendous announcement here soon. Ok, maybe not big or huge, or not even stupendous, but something that cracks me up. I had a great idea and thanks to some help from Gambino, it looks like it may be done.

Is it warm in here?


AWE said...

Your not dropping the sauce again are you?

Stay away from the chicks at work. That always turns out bad.

Lisa was probably talking about Tumbleweed

Aleta said...

You're either buying a camper or you're going to be on Dancing With The Stars- I heard you do quite the white boy dance. Festival ring a bell?

TripJax said...

As you "walk it off."

"Nothing to see hear folks...continue working...don't try and pretend your not impressed..."

Blatantly quoting Anchorman above