Friday, June 16, 2006

Tossing hand grenades

I was out with some friends last night. There was a city-wide charity event going on. Go to certain eateries for dinner and a charity gets a nice donation from the bill. Being the generous guy that I am, I figured I could help a good cause. Cause my refrigerator was empty and I needed something to eat.

They chose a place that was in my neighborhood, just a couple of miles away. The Palomino. Some people had eaten there before and thought highly of it. I had just been drinking in the bar and on the patio and thought the place was ok. I wondered if the food would be any good.

I got there before the others and enjoyed a Bells Two Hearted Ale. It has a full body, a hoppy taste, and was quite smooth. A nice Indian Pale. Only bad part was I realized I was not in the hoppy mood. Though the beer was good, I really wanted a nice wheat. They didn't have any. I could have taken the Hefe Weiss, but decided not too. Before I could make my next choice, my friends had arrive and we were seated.

The Palomino has one of the cutesy menus, where every offering has some funny little notes about it. Funny, the beer list didn't have that. Speaking of which, I had begun to look through the list again to see what I wanted to drink now. I chuckled at first, but quickly decided that I needed one. It isn't every day that you find Mickey's Fine Malt Liquor being served at a bar. I couldn't say no. I loves me a nice big mouth hand grenade. Though it could have been a bit colder, it tasted damn good.

But to the menu. After looking through and reading all cutesy writings they had, I found I just couldn't decide what to eat. I didn't want a burger. I was tempted by the chicken fried steak but that didn't cut it. The Velvet Elvis was raved about by my friends but we were getting one of those for everyone to try. Yes, I did eat a quarter of the bacon, peanut butter, and banana toasted sandwich. It could have used more bacon. What can't use more bacon (right Daddy?). But it was decent. For my meal, I ended up having a Chicken Philly Cheese Steak. With jalapeno poppers and red beans and rice.

Overall, the meal was blah. The sandwich had no real flavor to it. Though it was loaded with onions and green peppers, the bun was too thick. The beans and rice was good as were the poppers. But overall, I would say that it is not a place I would be running to for another meal. I would rather avoid the Milwaukee hipsters that think the place is so cool.

Before I went out, I headed over to the Home Depot to get some stuff. When I pulled in, I noticed something going on in the parking lot. There were 2 men on the ground, cuffed, with 3 guys in full black battle gear standing over them with rifles. One other guy who was searching a minivan had a POLICE windbreaker on. Of course, I park right by them so I can watch a bit as I go in and out of the store. When I did, some worker cracked to me "Parking tickets!". They were still out there when I left. Looked like some kind of drug bust on felons. That would explain the full SWAT team look. I couldn't find out as they were telling people to move on whenever you stood close by gawking.

It looks to be a warm, and maybe wet weekend in Milwaukee. When it is warm, the best thing to do is go to church. Drinking for Jesus gets back on track at St. Romans tonight. I may grab the camera and take some pictures. It amazes me that there are not church festivals like this around the country. I tried to explain it to my boss and she was flabbergasted that they served beer and gambled on church grounds. I look forward to standing around in the heat, winning some Ron Rio rum, and watching the local trailer parks empty out. The over/under on hillbilly sightings is 25. Those that have more than 4 teeth in their mouth, is at 15.

The boss is out today and Monday (YES!) so I have it easy. I will do enough to keep my mind active, but come 3, I am out of here!


AWE said...

Is that what they mean when they say slip me a Mickey?

J. Gambino said...

Don't forget that the odds vary slightly the closer you get to the rides and games.