Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I don't like this

Yesterday, I and many others, had fun with the date being 6-6-6. It was amusing. Then I saw the devil's work at hand, right in front of my very eyes. If have a weak stomach, you may want to skip to the next paragraph. This is not for the faint of heart. I stopped at Big Momma's to meet Brian to to head out to the Brewers game. In there, Gambino was playing a slot machine. I saw that she was drinking a Seagram's Cooler. Sour Apple to be exact.

A wine cooler?

I was shocked! Horrified! The devil was manifesting itself on his day and attempting to take over her body! I felt compelled to grab her and run her over to the church 2 blocks behind the bar and drench her with holy water. Hey, I am sure the devil appreciates a good wet t-shirt on chicks.

But I had a game to go to. And a tall cold beer in front of me. Her soul may be lost forever.

I saw in the paper today that the sheriff has asked the state patrol to patrol the freeways in Milwaukee until September. Simply put, I do not like this. I have a good feel for the sheriff's department in Milwaukee County. I know where they hide and when they are going to be out patrolling. If there is an accident or some other incident on the highways and 3 sheriff's cars are on the scene, you can be guaranteed you will not get pulled over anywhere else on the highway system. I like that. I am used to that. I do not want some overzealous cops on the road having fun with some new turf.

I received my new cell phone in the mail yesterday. The Sony Ericsson 520 or something like that. Now I have a new toy to play with. The biggest thing I need now is a new ringtone. The ones that come with it are so gay. I did check what was available and see some good stuff. One tune that was not available was my old tone, Pantera's Walk. Man, I love that tune. I am kicking around some thoughts and saw two that I may go with right away. One Night Ranger, one Pantera. I may go with some classic Metallica too. I just wish they would make some Anthrax tones available. That would be a nice ass kicker to answer a phone to.

I enjoyed a nice Brewers victory at the stadium last night. No arguments with Turnbow lovers so I was enjoyable. I will have a picture dump coming up later today or tomorrow. It may even feature the infamous Sausage Race.

Finally, yesterday's mystery show was Dr. Phil. I guess the Oprah spinoff is taking it's lead from Springer nowadays.


Aleta said...

In regards to the wine cooler (she does like that green apple) I have four guess's as to why
1) they were a promotion
2) It was free
3) temporary insanity (she is married to Ken you know)
4) With the purchase on 1 there was a raffle ticket for a camping package which she tried to enter for you.

AWE said...

Friends don't let friends drink wine coolers.

I hate it when the cops change their patrolling routes. They do it here about every 4 months.

J. Gambino said...

The reason was simple. I was simply in there to pick up money. Did not want to hunker down with a beer. But mostly, it was because I had a Green Apple Dum Dum during the day and found it very nummy. Just wanted a change of pace. Never fear, I will be back on beer, real wine and Jack by the weekend.

Side note: has anyone used the handicap symbol for their Wrod Verification? It is harder than trying to pick the letters from the crazy fonts.