Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Welcome to Miller Park

Tuesday night was a great night for baseball. Knowing it would be a lazy night to sit back, drink some beer and eat some peanuts, I brought along the camera to take a few shots. Every time I walk into Miller Park I feel the excitement of being at the ballpark. It is truly a beautiful facility that the Brewers do their best to make each game as entertaining as possible. Here are a few pics that I was able to upload before Blogger took a dump on me. Yes AWE, you are not the only one getting pissed off by Blogger. So in the style of Pauly, he is my small picture portfolio of Miller Park.

View from where we were sitting in Section 110. Our tickets were for Section 425, way up in the rafters, but if you know some people, you can sit a lot closer. Somehow this pic does not do justice to how close you truly are to the field. Our seat were about 20, maybe 30 yards top from the area of play.

The video wall in left field.
They took down the old school scoreboard that used to be the left and right field walls. In left, they put up the video board. They will keep track of all ML scores here as well as player stats on the far right (usually slugging pct. number of doubles and triples). They also flash sponsor messages here as well. In right field, they actually put in a picnic area at field level. It would have been nice to take a pic of that as well, but I was too busy drinking.

The Bucket Brigade. A couple of years back, the TV announcers for the Brewers came up with this idea. Take a section in the loge level in left field, give them a good price and a t-shirt, and call it the Bucket Brigade in honor of the massive melons they claim to have. The crowd in this area electrifies the entire stadium. Whether the Crew is winning or not, they are there to cheer them on. Very addictive people out there.

Bernie's Dugout. Yeah, nowadays each team seems to need a mascot. In this case, we have Bernie Brewer. The kids like it. 'Nuff said.

And finally, the scoreboard. Hey, the Brewers beat San Diego! (sorry iamhoff) Attendance is typical at just under 15k for a Tuesday. Even if the Brewers were in first place, it would be hard to get more than 20,000 fans out on a Tuesday.

I need to see how I can get the video of the Sausage Race up. I don't know if Blogger can handle the file or not. I guess I will do my research and find out. But that doesn't stop you from placing a wager. Pull out your wallet and place a bet right now. Pick the weiner of the race! Who will win, the Bratwurst, the Italian, the Polish, or the Hot Dog.

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Gotta go with the hotdog.