Friday, July 28, 2006

Yesterday was bad

It was around 11 am. I was copying some files at the machine when a friend walked by.

Friend: "Hey, how is it going?"
StB: "Ok. Can't wait for noon to come and go. Then it is just a couple of hours until the weekend!"
Friend: "Uh, what do you mean, it is Thursday"
StB: "Shit! Why did I think it was Friday?"

Yep, that is how it went yesterday. For some reason, I was thinking it was Friday. Doh! Now that it is, I am going to walk up to my friend and go through the whole convesation again. Why? Cuz I can and it would be right.

Not quite sure where I will be drinking this weekend. I will be off to a friend's house (hey they offered free beer. I like free beer!) tonight. Maybe to the hillbilly festival that I thought was last week, maybe to see Poison on Saturday. Not quite sure. All I know is that it is suppose to be hot.

I got another hateful comment yesterday. It said that "my blog is uninteresting and I lack writing skills". Yeah, so? Who the hell are you, you anonymous fucktard to comment about someone's blog? You don't even have the 'nads to leave your name, you pussy! If you don't find it interesting, don't read. I don't recall inviting your dumbass here in the first place. Second, I don't claim to have writing skills. If people want to read good writing, they can go read Pauly or Otis or Joe. They write. I blog. Til then, I don't want your pansy ass here.

That felt good. Have a good weekend everyone. Try to stay cool and avoid the heat. Drink lots of Leinie's Sunset Wheat, the beer of summer. And of course, rock on with your bad selfs!


AWE said...

I think that is what's wrong with me, I haven't been drinking enough lately.

James Wigderson said...

I believe the correct term is "fuckturd."

djw said...
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