Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Back home again

Back in Brew City after another blast in Vegas. I had hoped to do some audio blogging while I was gone, but after a 28 hour bender to start the vacation off, I kinda forgot the password I needed to call in with. My bad.

Nothing big to tell you here. Had a drunken time. What did you expect. No, I am not rich now either. Thus I am back.

And what is this I hear about another format change in Milwaukee radio? The suckhole may have just gotten bigger. I need to investigate this a bit more.

And some dude punched me in the jaw to get me in a blogger fight? WTF? Don't hit the drunk guy! It is a rule.

Back tomorrow after some sleep.

1 comment:

J. Gambino said...

Welcome back. Who hit you? I am on it.

My word verification is thsjjob. The only thing missing after that is sux.