Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Kid on the day before Christmas

My excursions to Vegas are always something that gets me excited. I hit the city without a care in the world, just wanting to drink, gamble, and hang out with some great people. By this time tomorrow, the wheels should be hitting the ground and I will be in Sin City.

I just need to wait out the last 24 hours. Just like a kid on Christmas Eve, I am giddy to get away. Like always, it should be a blast.

So today is basically a prep day. Washing machine is going as is the dryer. I have some clothes piled up ready to get packed. And I have all kinds of things charging up around the house right now. PDA is going in the bathroom, DVD player on the dining room table, phone in the bedroom. Each rechargable battery is getting their juice. Seems only fair as I will be getting juiced over the next 6 days. Once the laundry is done I can take a drive to the bank to get the needed cash for the trip.

Not that I haven't been juiced the last 6 days. Summerfest has been quite enjoyable. It was a bit of Lynyrd Skynyrd on Friday and a good set by David Lee Roth on Saturday. I learned the secret to Dave's success now is having a kick ass band back him up. Makes you feel like you are watching Van Halen in their glory days.

Sunday was spent a local festival watching a Styx cover band. Things got out of hand when I got back to Big Mommas as the shots were flowing as the dice were shaking. It looked like everyone in the place was pretty smashed. Even the bartender was weaving and nearly fell on his ass. I finally got out of the place at 3 a.m.

That wouldn't be so bad but I had agreed to go the Brewers game the next day at noon. Waking up sucked. I was drunk when I first got up at 8. I felt better at 10, but not 100%. Once we got in to the game (ticket mix up at the gate- somehow the tickets we had were no good even though they were season tickets), the first beer was hard to get down. It was warm and humid, ideal conditions for beer drinking. I pressed on and had a couple. Though the Brewers pitching staff tried to lose- Derrick Turnblow is no All Star- the offense had a different idea. But when your team blows a 2-run lead in the 9th, it takes away from the sweet taste of victory when they come back to win in the bottom of the inning. But a W is a W, no matter how they get it.

At least the beers went down a lot better back at the bar. Once the venting was done, they tasted might fine. It also helped me make a decision about what I would do on the 4th. It was a toss up between Summerfest or the Brewers.

I went with Summerfest and had a great time. I may have gotten a tad pink from the sun, but who doesn't like pink? Thankfully it doesn't feel too bad this morning, but the true test will be taking a shower. Nothing worse that having warm water touch a burnt scalp.

One load of laundry down, one more to go. Now I need to decide what the hell I am going to wear out there. And count down these last hours.


J. Gambino said...

So jealous of you. I may have to short sheet your bed while you are gone. Do not fear, your Pumpkin is in good hands. I will do my best yo keep him happy.

Have a safe trip! Win Big.

AWE said...

Why are you taking a DVD player?

You don't need but one change of clothes because you are going to be in Vegas and you shouldn't be in the room, ever.

Leave the cell phone at home. If it does pick up in the casino, anyone that you talk to will cuss your for being there.

PDA - they will throw you out for cheating.

Take one change of underwear and a pack of condoms. Use everything except the underwear.

Do a Maker's for me while you are there and have a good trip.

djw said...

You're leaving for Vegas the same day the weekly 'have you see?' flyer that comes in the mail(that must get messy) features a guy from Vegas. Cue Music.

StB said...

AWE, the DVD player is for the plane, not the hotel. Cell phone is needed to hook up with people while there. One change of clothes? That is sick! If you have one change of clothes for 6 days, you won't have any use for the condoms.

djw said...

Please kick some ass while you are out there!!!! I AM jealous. You seem to be living the life I use to dream of. Before I got old, scared, and stupid.

Blonde said...

Ummm....I guess my invite to Vegas must have gotten lost in the mail. I could be there tomorrow, just say the word.

The Shadow That Kicked Your Pansy Face In said...

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djw said...

Hey stb, where are you? we need updates!!!!