Saturday, July 01, 2006

A cluster, but not that bad

Though I had a good time at Summerfest last night, it seemed like quite a clusterfuck at times. Where do I start?

The shuttle not showing up at the bar until 5:30 when it should have been there at 5.
Arguing with a lady who was short pouring my beer.
Having people leave the Skynyrd show because they didn't like people walking by them (???)
The constant jerking off of the crowd that Country Music TV was doing.
Trying to find the shuttle to get out at the end
Trying to find a cab
Getting on the shuttle but leaving everyone else behind.

The whole shuttle/cab thing at the end was pathetic. We waited for 45 minutes with gridlock traffic preventing much from going on. When I did find our shuttle, I got on to see how much room was left. It was standing room only and not much room. I should have gotten off the bus but a group got on right behind me and I was trapped in the middle. That blew. The others went off to a bar and I was standing there sobering up. But the chick seated to my left had a nice rack to look at so it wasn't all bad.

Waiting for the shuttle wasn't all that bad either. I drank two 32oz beers in my wait. Nothing like downing close to a 6 pack to catch up to people who had been boozing all day. Talked with Ken for a bit and though Dave was going to get lucky as he chatted up his friend. She wasn't bad. But I think I heard the H and K word during the conversation. Guess he won't get any.

The crowd I expected to see at the Skynyrd show lived up to my expectations. The bikers and and trailer park people were in abundance. One guy started talking to me as I ate some eggplant Parmesan. I thought he was going to help himself to my food. He kept going on about how much he loved it (with a twang in his voice) and how he grills it all the time. Guess that tooth of his chews it up pretty good. The band sounded ok.

But I could have done without the jerk offs at Country Music TV trying to do their show. They were taping the act for some series they have. For 45 minutes before Skynyrd was to start, they kept whipping the crowd up like the band was coming on early just so they could get a good intro on tape. Again and again it was "Give it up for Lynyrd Skynyrd!" Each time, the vast majority of the crowd thought the band was going to come on. Hell, it they want to jerk people off, they could at least bought us a beer.

Speaking of which, I pretty much got into the face of a lady who short poured me. It cracked my friends up. Hey, I don't like being given a cup that isn't properly filled. We are paying 4 bucks a pop for them and I expect them to fill the cup up right. There is a line they must fill it to. Not that hard. If they don't fill it to the line, then I will insist they do their job correctly. What I should have done was walk away when the lady said she may not serve me. Big friggin deal. There are many places to get beer there. Remember Summerfest goers, they need to give you a good beer. Don't settle for anything less.

I will be back down at the lakefront this afternoon. Planning to see David Lee Roth. He had a kick ass show two years ago and a good show last year. I wonder how he will be tonight.


djw said...

I may be hung-over(or dim) but what is "H and K"? If H is indeed H, then who is K?

Reenner said...

Husband and kid? Just a guess.

StB said...

Correct reener.

djw said...

no husband--divorced. Two kids(girl just grad. from HS/ boy about 8) She did mention a boyfriend, who she then compared to a lesbian. I wish I could REMEMBER those comments!!!!

AWE said...

Ok, you can't say eggplant parmesan and Skynyrd in the same post. It just doesn't work. Next time say that you were eating chili-cheese-fries or beans and cornbread.