Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Training my liver

Things have been busy lately. My liver has been put through a lot of training in anticipation of Vegas. Well, that and Summerfest.

With a lot days of over the next week, I felt the need to get my liver in total shape for for the long drinking week that was ahead.

I may have a uber-post- in the honor of Iggy- coming tomorrow. Maybe not cuz I have a lot to do before I take off to Sin City. But I hope to talk about to David Lee Roth, watching a Brewers game gone bad- gone good, and other stupid stories of being a drunken doofus.

What more can you want?


Aleta said...

A drunken doofus with a red head

Blonde said...

When are you going to Vegas?

Read up on new Tylenol warning. So bad for liver, so drink up and take ibuprofen instead ;)

StB said...

Blonde, I am heading out tomorrow morning for 6 days. Gonna come join me?

I don't take Tylenol. Or aspirin. I rarely take anything if I get a headache. Water or another beer is my cure.

Reenner said...

Advice given to me by fellow drinkers. I now use both.

Vitamin B-12 is a sure fire hangover preventer. Take before bed and you will feel great.

Milk Thistle, an herbal supplement, is a natural way to maintain a healthy liver...while drinking.