Thursday, July 20, 2006

I feel slighted, but...

Go check out For
it is for a good cause. Someone better bid high, damn it!

Bobby Bracelet has added some more items to the auction. I am still holding out, waiting for the opportunity for the Mike Matusow jersey. Still waiting for Spaceman to work some magic.

One item that I see offered has me intrigued but insulted. Howard Lederer's WSOB and Karaoke Championship. No, I don't feel like belting out some Barry Manilow while I am smashed. It is the WSOB part. That would be the World Series of Beer. How can they hold such an event without ME being there???

I'll get over it. Somehow. But I do feel slighted. That is an event I could win.

But go and check out the stuff they have to offer. Feel free to toss some money around.

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