Friday, July 14, 2006

I wish I had a hangover

I am in a bit of a bad mood. Didn't sleep well last night. Tossing, turning, coughing, blowing my nose. Somehow I have caught a cold. I thought it might be allergies, but the sore throat tells me something else.

I tried to drown it with Sapphire and tonic at dinner, but apparently that didn't work. But the gin was good. A hangover would feel a lot better than this summer cold.

All I wanted was a Pepsi and she wouldn't give it to me. Just one Pepsi and she wouldn't give it to me!

Sorry for the music outburst but a little Suicidal just popped on Pandora. Maybe my day is getting better already.

Drinking for Jesus resumes this weekend. At least in some bastardized form. This one serves the piss water from St. Louis. I cannot drink Bud or Bud light. I may drink the Michelob if I must (ok, I will admit one thing here. I do like some of Michelob's craft beers, but I don't know if they even make them any more. They had a honey beer that was damn good). A flask may be in order. Anyways, St. Veronica's is the place, Rhythm Method is the band. Be there. At least until it rains. What else is there to do? Bastille Days? Yeah, right!

Is it wrong to look at the cup of cranberry juice and wish there was some vodka in it? Really, I mean I don't even care for vodka that much but it would help kicked this cold's ass.

That is all I have for today. Rock on with your bad selves this weekend... Maybe a drunken call is in order.

Oh wait, I promised Kim L I would mention the Tour de France at some point here, so....
I thought some dude named Cyril was winning but had to find out for sure. I know they had entered the mountains (sounds like some dorky Dungeons and Dragons story) and this is where everyone says the race is won or lost. So I go over to SI online to see if that is still the case. Of course, they is no mention of the race on the main page so I go hunting and find out that an American named Floyd is now in the lead.

There, happy Kim?


AWE said...

I can't believe you don't like Michelob. Have you tried Beach Bum yet?

StB said...

What is Beach Bum?

Aleta said...

For all the hub bub you made about the festival on the phone the other day I will have to make sure you have a nice hang over tomorrow. What better way to spend a 95 degree day!

J. Gambino said...

maybe we'll have to meet at Big Mama's to prime the pipes?

Sara said...

yeh, use to drink that bud light crap, moved to miller lite, then trying the old keystone ice. hey what a deal 30pack for under 12 bucks, at 5.9%alkie, not bad.

djw said...

I already did that...oh wait, you said 'prime' the pipes. Sorry.