Friday, August 04, 2006


I was slow to get up this morning. Slow to get in the shower. Slow to get to work. Slow to do anything.

But I did have an enjoyable time last night. Followed my own advice even though it was not stifling hot. Started off with some nice Leinie's Sunset Wheats with co-workers as we bid farewell to people leaving the firm. Ever get that feeling that you are making a mistake when people change jobs and you stay behind? Like they may know something that you don't? A couple of people have left the area I work in so that means I will be swamped for a bit.

Later the party would move downtown to the Ale House. There I would partake in the nice Honey Ale. Not the best but not the worst honey beer out there. Caught a good band at the Ale House last night too, The Dirty Boogie. A 3 piece group that featured a some great guitar and bass. Played quite a variety of music, from Stevie Ray Vaughn to Prince. Very well done. If I see them on the schedule at Summerfest in the future, I will need to check them out. It would have been better for them to play longer instead of some dude doing karaoke. Between the karaoke guy and the nachos I ate (was belching up nacho-ey goodness this morning), I knew it was time to get out of there.

People wanted to go across the street to the martini/piano bar. People that know me can tell I am not quite the martini/piano bar kind of guy. I can blend in with most surroundings and enjoy myself, but I am not a martini guy. In fact, while others were drinking their vodka drinks, I took the classier route and had a satisfying Sapphire Blue and tonic (hey touched a third of my rec'd drinks in one night!). Why have vodka when you can have gin?

This bar, Centanis (sp? like I care) wasn't that big either. As I stood there looking around, I wondered why people like the place so much. It was crowded and narrow. I was told there would be a number of single chicks in there. Not quite. It was more like couples night. Needless to say, I did not stay long. It was getting late and I was short on cash. Worse yet, I didn't have cash in any accounts I could access via a card. Yeah, time to call it.

I am probably heading out to the State Fair this weekend. I love seeing the clash of cultures as the country folk mix with the city folk. That and people walking along and stepping in cow/horse crap. And the music. Oh, and beer. The Wisconsin State Fair has music stages all over the place. Actually has more stages than Summerfest. Tonight will be a tough decision as Bobby Friss is playing while Rhythm Method performs at the same time.

One of the neatest things about the Fair is the beer prices. There is not a set price for beer. You can "shop" around to find the best price. Plus, with there being actual bars on the fairgrounds, they will have happy hour specials. Heck, there was a time when they had coupons for free beer, but they no longer do. So a smart drinker will walk the extra 10 yards past one beer vendor to the next to save some cash. That saved cash translates to more beer. Hey, I am a fiscally responsible drinker.

Thankfully, the weekend is here. Raise a toast to the weekend. *clink* I do have a goal for the weekend, besides getting laid that is. I will try a new drink/beer/shot. Something I haven't ever had. Don't know where or what it will be, but I will try something new. Feel free to pass on some idea.

There will have to be some dial-a-shots as well. Til then, rock on with your bad selves people!


AWE said...

Try Beach Bum if you see it. It has a little hop to it and a smooth finish.

You have beer at the county fair? They would have a shit fit here if someone carried a bottle in, much less served. I guess that is what I get for living in the bible belt.

StB said...

Actually AWE, this is the State Fair. You couldn't have a big gathering of people without having alcohol available in Milwaukee.

I have been in the unfortunate position in the past to go to concerts at county fairs just to find out they are dry. I shudder at the memories.

Reenner said...

Don't they always have that beer tent over by the "international" stage where they have a ton of micro beers? I had a blueberry beer there once. YUM!

I ended up at a fair to see a show and it was a "dry county". I didn't think that existed in WI.I'm shuddering with ya.