Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Back to work

Back at work this morning. Only 347 emails to follow up on. I did get some free pancakes and sausage put in my belly so all is not bad today.

Having Monday off was sweet. Got some things done that I would have kept me busy over the weekend so I feel caught up. I did get delayed yesterday by a motorcade. Apparently the Vice President was in town. Cops were all over the place by the airport. At every single intersection there was at least one police officer. Pretty weird.

I heard on the radio that there were a slew of protesters downtown. I still don't understand what goes through someones mind that they feel the need to make up a sign and chant slogans at a person that will not either see or hear them. It is not like the person you are protesting is suddenly going to change their opinion and agree with you. So why get all worked up? Do protesters go home and night and sleep better after yelling for a couple of hours?

Or is the bottom line simply that they want to bitch about something? I hate people that feel the need to bitch about something all the time. Get a life people. Find something in life to make you happy.

That is all I got today. Need to get back to those emails.

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