Thursday, September 28, 2006

The beers I drank last weekend

I thought I was doing pretty well last Friday tearing through the Boathouse beer menu. But in the early evening, things got boring in beer land. It sure wasn't a lack of selection. I think it was what was not in eye sight.

I realized this yesterday. Yes, I was thinking of beer and what had been available. See, the downstairs beer selection is not quite as vast as upstairs. Upstairs has the cooler and more craft beers on tap. Downstairs was more domestic. Not entirely, but half of the them were beers you could get anywhere- Rolling Rock, Yuengling, the crappy Bud products, Sam Adams.

I was trying to think of the best beer I had last weekend and I can't quite say what it was. I do know the one that had me perplexed though. The Magic Hat Brewery's #9. Their website has a great description of the beer.
An ale whose mysterious and unusual palate will swirl across your tongue and
ask more questions that it answers.

Excellent way to describe this ale. At first taste, it is hoppy, like an IPA, but that does away quickly, leaving a clean, fruity aftertaste. It was that aftertaste that had me puzzled. I could not put my finger on it. This beer was truly one that I had never had experienced before. It was the aftertaste. Not quite citrusy, but somewhat. It wasn't orange or grapefruit. It was kinda tangeriney. It wasn't until the next day when I was speaking with the bartender that he told me what it was. Apricot. The apricot aftertaste was simply amazing. If you see Magic Hat #9 at your liquor store or on tap somewhere, you must try it. You will then send me an email saying "StB, you were right. It was like no beer I have ever had before".

Of course, you don't want to confuse the #9 with it's cousin, Circus Boy. I just couldn't order one of those. Sounded too gay to me. I was going to have one of the women go order it for me, but decided not to. I didn't need anyone saying I was sucking down a Circus Boy.

I did enjoy the Leffe Blonde. At first sip, I realized it was the first beer I had at the Boathouse last year. The St. Bernardus 12 was a heavy Abbey ale. You could taste the alcohol in that bad boy. I did have some body's Summer Ale and a Pumpkin Ale as well. The brewery names escape me now but I do know they were nothing too spectacular.

I did have one beer recommended to me to try. Victory Brewing's Golden Monkey. In fact, two people said I needed to try this. Basically, a 6-pack will mess you up was the message. Even the website boasts the alcohol level at 9.5%. 9.5%!!! Yeah, that may leave you waking up with you boxers on your head and the cat staying away from you. I think Burt's may have this brew down the street. If I call in sick to work tomorrow, you will know why.

Beyond the beers, the only thing better was seeing some great people once again. I cannot put into words how great it is to get together with this group. Al and Big Mike sure know how to throw a party. Thanks once again boys!

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