Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Um...does this mean he won't play on Sunday?

Just when things were getting boring with the Cowboys....BAM!

It will be interesting to see how this one unfolds. The quick reaction (from those who know him and a doctor) is that it does not make much sense for him to try to committ suicide. Knowing how the Dallas media loves to report on anything negative about the Cowboys, it wouldn't be a surprise that a reporter drew his own conclusion.

Either way, I hope this doesn't affect the team on Sunday. Oh, and I hope T.O. gets better.

12:10 Update!
According to Matt Mosley's Cowboys blog, Deion Sanders is on the scene. "We will get the truth from the man himself," said Sanders. "He will tell the truth." Cuz of course, only Deion can get the truth out of someone!

12:36 Update..According to Matt Mosley's Cowboys blog, Michael Irvin is also there. Ok, get your supplier jokes out of your system already. Who is next to show, Hollywood Henderson?

12:49 Update...All will be quiet until quarter past 2 now. Owens throws the media a curve ball by announcing he will speak- at Valley Ranch! My guess is his neighbors were getting pissed at him by having the media crowding on the street in front of his condo. In related news, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is close to a new all time high. It was within 7 points but pulled back with the announcement of T.O.'s issues today. Coincidence? Of course, you dipshit! Though some people will tell you this country is going to hell in a hand basket even though unemployment is low, markets are doing well and more people than before- especially minorities- own their own home. But in case you want to reference it, I now call it the T.O. effect on the market.

1:04 Update... The Dallas Cowboys have their spin on! Mickey Spagnola reports that it was not suicide because the police let him leave the hospital as they were not pressing charges (side note: I cannot be the only one that thinks it is funny that attempting suicide can get you arrested). If they suspected the big S, they would have kept him under observation for the next 3 days. The 'Boys still say it is a reaction to painkillers. If so, who is the doctor that keeps prescribing him these meds? Dr Bunson Honeydew?

Really, they someone cannot find some painkillers that won't make the guy sick every time he takes them? At least I got to post a pic of the great doctor himself. No, you don't get a Beaker pic!

The press conference should be interesting. I wonder if will have the live feed?

1:36...Update from Parcells...He knows nothing! Nothing! Is this a distraction? No, he is getting his team ready for Tennessee. I like how he keeps telling people how he is 1) not a doctor, 2) busy coaching that he does not have all the details on what happened this morning, 3) unaware of any soreness Owens may have been experiencing, and 4) doesn't know if he will talk with Owens today. At 7 minutes, he walked out after getting "interrogated" with Owens questions again and again. Parcells is making sense. He doesn't want to talk about a subject that he doesn't have all the correct information on.

2:12...Player interviews...DT Marcus Spears "Hey, if a man be tryin' to kill hisself, he gonna do it. He wouldn't be at work the next day running routes". LB Bradie James also claims that Owens is out running. He also says "We gonna make fun of him. We gonna have fun with it". Yes, teammates are special!

Owens will be on at the bottom of the hour.

2:33... Dr Z weighs in. He thinks Owens is nuts to begin with so it isn't surprising that he is negative. He basically does the opposite of what Coach Parcells did- he made up his mind and wrote an article without knowing the details.

2:35... T.O. speaks! Thanks God to just be there, but it wasn't a suicide attempt, just an allergic reaction with all the supplements he takes. Weird to thank God that you are there if you didn't try to off yourself. Anyhow, he looks normal. If you took 35 pain pills, I think you would look a bit worn out. A look of being tired for having gone through a drug ordeal. He wants to play on Sunday, just finished catching passes from Drew (Bledsoe). Says he is not depressed.

His publicist has now taken over saying that she has no idea where the depression part has come from. She flat out denies those words came out of her mouth. Also says she did not pull any pills out of Terrell's mouth. She is pretty good at the spin game, definitely is earning her money.

Owens is back. Thanks the Dallas Fire Department and the Baylor medical staff. He goes on to thank the Dallas Cowboys and his friends on the Philadelphia Eagles that have called to find out what happened. Oh, that last one may piss some people off in Philly.

Well, this looks to be over. One reporter echoed one of the first comments I made about this "story"- that a reporter took something and drew some conclusions before knowing all the facts. The sad part, especially with today's media, is that the first headline is all people will remember. The initial story, one devoid of all the fact (see the NIE report from this past weekend), is what people will talk about. I guarantee you, I will hear someone say this to me this weekend.

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