Monday, September 11, 2006

A day of bad football


That is a good description of the football I saw yesterday. Pathetic, crappy, and disappointing are close.

The Packer game was bad enough to sit through, but with the stinker that was the Seattle/Detroit matchup (big scoring affair) or the Denver/St. Louis game (how much does Plummer suck?), could we not have to watch crappy football all day? Then to rub it home, the last 2 minutes of the Cowboys game are shown where Bledsoe throws two bad passes.


But it is only week one. Lots of room for improvement.

T.O. line- Sorry guys, but Owens caught 6 passes for 80 yards and a touchdown. I hear he was vocal on the sideline but nothing detrimental to the team. I know you are going to keep hoping the implosion begins, but one loss has no effect.

The bar was busy yesterday for the game. I wonder if it will be in a month from now? Past experience has shown that when the Packers play poor football, people simply do not go out to watch the games. I truly expect the number of people to begin dwindling with barely 20 people by December if the Packers continue to play like they did yesterday. That team is bad.

Five years have passed since the United States was attacked. Over 3000 innocent people from many different countries lost their lives that day. Say a prayer for their families and for the people that try to protect us on a daily basis, whether they be soldiers stationed abroad or local police or firefighters. May they continue to do a great job so we can go about living our lives as we choose to.

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