Friday, September 08, 2006

Santa needs a ride

I had mixed reactions about Daunte Culpepper blowing the game for the Dolphins last night. Maybe it was the refs not giving Saban the review he requested. After that, Culpepper fell apart. His numbers make his game look better than it really was. He blew a touchdown pass and should have been picked off in the end zone on another. Simply put, the execution was terrible. Whenever I watch a game where I have no seeded interest, it ticks me off to see teams play poorly and blow plays. I could care less who wins. I just want to see some good football.

Yes, it is good to have football back. Sunday cannot come fast enough. The down side is while the rest of the country will get to watch the Cowboys, I am stuck with the Packers/Bears game. Who is the assclown that keeps scheduling the Packers for 3:15?

My expectations for the Cowboys build week by week. The defense could be a monster. Terrance Newman is coming into his own at corner. The linebacking corps could be the best they have had since the Super Bowl teams. They may even have a consistent pass rush this year! The offense holds the key. More succinctly, the offensive line holds the key. They need to get the running game back in Dallas. I don't have much confidence in Julius Jones. I don't think he is the big game runner. He needs the line to open up some serious holes. We will see more of Marion Barber this year running the ball when Jones doesn't get the job done. As for putting the ball in the air, if the offensive line can protect Bledsoe, the passing game could be huge. Especially with Terrell Owens and Terry Glenn out wide. Like him or not (I don't like the person, but respect the football talent as I have said before) Owens gives teams a potent weapon to throw too. People are lying when they say they wouldn't want him on their team. Yes, he may destroy a 3rd team from within, but I don't think it will happen this year. I still think Owens is a turd overall, but I see him helping the Cowboys to a 10-6 record, good enough for the playoffs.

It will be fun watching people waiting for the implosion to happen. I know I will hear it again and again how Owens will hurt the Cowboys. I will have to keep track of how this progresses over the season.

As I left the bar last night, I noticed I had a flyer on my car. It read "Santa needs your convertible". What is his sleigh broken? Ha! You know you are laughing. Anyways, someone would like to know if I may be interested in driving in the holiday parade with some kind of dignitaries riding on my car. I may check it out, but it could be rough. I don't know if I could drive that slow for a period of time.

Only 8 hours to survive until I can have another beer and fall into a football weekend. Not that I am counting.

One of these days I am going to wear shorts to work on a Friday. I explained it to my co-workers last week how I would do it and have no one challenge me on it. It is quite simple. When someone asks- if someone asks- you just tell them it is your day off and you came into help with something. Later in the day if they ask again, you tell them it is taking longer than you thought it would. At the end of the day, just act like you are frustrated that you ended up working on your day off. That is how you get away with wearing shorts to work. Now I just need to practise what I preach.


J. Gambino said...

I am fairly certain you don't have the brass ones to pull off the shorts. I mean, wear the shorts to work.

Kat said...

Don't 3:15 games suck! I love the nooners much better :-)

You could always try wearing "man-capris" to work...I guaranteee no one will question those!!!!
TGIF baby!!!!

StB said...

A lady who likes a nooner. Nice.

I would rather be dead that wear man capris.