Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I think I made a mistake yesterday. On a whim, I decided to click through on the Beta button for blogger. Hey, it was new, better than before, with more features. Who doesn't want more features???

But I noticed some of the downsides quickly. For one, I cannot post comments on anyone else's blogs. Yep, until the beta time is over, you get no witty comments from me. It makes me wonder if people are able to post comments to this blog or if you are blocked.

Another thing I noticed is the limitation on the fancy new templates. They don't have a copy of this nice black template offered. Only the new templates have the features they brag about.

On the positive side, the spellchecker is better. It know was a blog is now. The publishing is a lot faster too.

But I wouldn't call it that much better and worth it. So apparently I "upgraded" for nothing. Oh well, live and learn.

In other non-news, some guy flipped me off on the freeway today. Like that is a surprise. But the way he did it had me laughing at him. It was an old car, barely going 50 mph. That alone had me beginning to steam as I couldn't change lanes. If the clown would have sped up to the speed limit, I could have gotten by him. I don't think I was riding his bumper either. But when given the chance to pass him, I did. As I was switching lanes, I noticed he perched his elbow on the door of the open window and put his hand on the side of the roof. But his hand didn't have all fingers extended. Just one.

I saw this and began to laugh. I laughed as I looked at him. He didn't look back. I also noticed the hand go back into his car after I was by him. What did I do to get flipped off? As I mentioned, I was pretty sure I wasn't riding right behind him. But even still, if you are going to flip someone off, don't you want them to know? Seriously, if I would be flipping someone off on the road- which I don't do because it is meaningless- I will look at them and let them know this bird is for you! But to just put it out there and be scared to look is well, chumpish.

Getting flipped the bird is basically quite stupid. It has lost its intensity of the years. Anyone giving the bird or getting mad because they were on the receiving end needs to get a life. Besides, I have better uses for that finger.

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AWE said...

I could ride home with my finger extended the whole time and I would miss someone that deserved it.