Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Yes, the weekend is here!

Man, am I glad the weekend is here! This work stuff is getting me down.

What? It is only Wednesday? Yes! Let the weekend begin!

Tomorrow I head off the the greater Philly area for betting, booze, bands and broads. A 4-B weekend awaits. It all starts with a trip to Atlantic City. Never been there so I am looking forward to checking out what they have to offer. I don't have high expectations, except for having a good time. I will see how much gamble I can pack into roughly 12-18 hours.

After that, it is time to play some poker, hang out with good people, and enjoy a beer or two. The venue for the weekend is Flanigan's Boathouse in Malvern, PA. A fine drinking establishment. I went back to last year's post where I reviewed the bar, to give myself a refresher of what I can expect. Oh yeah, the beer menu! I like myself a place that has a beer menu. As I have told Drizz, I look forward to the Leffe Blonde and the St. Bernardus 12. They just sound good. I also am planning a no repeat Friday when I get there. Last year I sampled many different brews. This year, I look to do the same. I may even have someone start picking them out for me. I do know I will spend some time reviewing that beer menu today, planning a strategy for defeating it. I can because I have most of my work done for the month.

Speaking of beer, I see the Huber Brewing Company has been sold. Monroe will never be the same. But thankfully they will keep brewing such favorites as Huber, Rhinelander, and Wisconsin Club were acquired, which I believe means they will still brew and sell the beer. I drank Huber and Rhinelander in college, along with another cheap beer they made called Brau Meister. Makes me wonder if that is what Wisconsin Club is. The Huber products were always cheap. You could get a case of bottles for $3. Sure it was rotgut but you got drunk for a cheap price. Rhinelander was a favorite at the college beer party I had years ago. I had about 10 cans sitting in my fridge at the end of the night. Yes, some day I will have another cheap beer party. I am a glutton for punishment.

I will have to squeeze a bucket of beer in tonight before I have my mini vacation. I am hoping in won't be hell trying to get through security at the airport. I plan to take my bag on the plane with me and they better not try to confiscate my contact lens solution. Those bastard terrorists have already made me cancel plans to bring some of Milwaukee's finest to the East Coast. Damn you sons-a-bitches!

Can't wait to have me another cheesesteak.

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