Thursday, October 12, 2006

31 is cold when it is October

I woke up in a brisk room. I had known the temperature was taking a nose dive the prior night but was still surprised it was this cold. It reminded me of when my furnace was on the blink earlier this year. I had thought of turning the heat on last night, or at least bumping the switch to turn on if it got colder than 55. But I forgot.

I don't know what the temp is in my house right now. I do know that it was 31 degrees lakeside in Milwaukee. I can see snow on the roof outside my window at work. No wonder that hot shower felt extra good today.

After this cold snap, the temps will return to normal. It will be cold again tonight. I don't plan on turning on the furnace. My tenants use space heaters anyways so I don't feel the need to warm up the house for their sakes.

Well, I may turn the heat on to take the chill out of the house if it needs it. But it is not running all night. It is going back to the 60s this weekend so it won't need it. Money saved heating the house is money spent on booze.

Always needs to see the bigger plan.

Seeing that it won't be raining this weekend, I may get over to mother's house to mow the lawn for the last time this season. I have always refused to cut wet grass. You can screw up the mower or rip the lawn apart. But now I am wondering...should you cut frozen grass? We will be below freezing again tonight and Friday. Grass will be frozen on Saturday morning. Is there any harm in cutting frozen grass other than maybe the grass blades come flying out like razors and can cut your ankles apart? Guess there is only one way to find out.

Once the first major cold snap hits, there is nothing better to do than hit up happy hour or get together with friends to drink the night away. I would love to head up to Big Mommas tonight but cannot. Work function puts me downtown at a client function. Seeing how I am there just to mingle with clients, it does mean I have free run of the bars! Sadly, there will be no Maker's Mark. There is usually top shelf booze at these affairs, but no great whisky. Looks like it will be Beefeaters and tonics for me tonight.

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