Wednesday, October 11, 2006

INTPOTYWW be gone!

My multi tasking skills were for shit last night. I was trying to get 3 things done at once: Iron some shirts, playing poker, and watching the UFC fights. It just wasn't working. I think the problem was the shirts.

I am willing to put a bounty on the man/woman who came up with the concept of the "wrinkle free" shirt. Because there is no such thing. There I was ironing my "wrinkle free" shirts last night. I shouldn't have to be doing that. On one shirt, the wrinkles were damn stubborn too. So that took some time that caused me not to focus on the poker game at hand. I think I lasted 10 minutes in that tournament.

I couldn't help but notice one of the "wrinkle free" shirts had a tag that said "Iron as needed". WTF? So much for "wrinkle free". I should roll the shirt in a ball, toss it in a box and mail it to the president of the company. But I do like the shirt so I guess that won't be happening.

Maybe I could roll a co-worker into a ball and mail her to the head of the company. She is one of those I-need-to-point-out-that-you-were-wrong type of people. I think she keeps a diary of when I may be wrong. Hell, I ain't perfect (calm down, I hate to break that news to you in such a harsh manner but I am not always correct), but I can admit if I was wrong. Which isn't often.

Especially in this case. She thought I told her the wrong info yesterday and proudly proclaimed what I told her was wrong. Of course, I wasn't wrong. I told her what actually happened- backed by an email- and she slunk away. I wonder if I can ask my boss to keep the INTPOTYWW people away?

I will be in Minneapolis next week, probably stuck downtown with my boss. Shouldn't be that bad though. I don't mind wining and dining on the company tab. But it may mean I don't post for a week. No laptop means no posting. I'll figure something out though.

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