Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Haunted TV

Years ago, there was a great show on MTV called Fear. The premise was simple: Send a group of kids to a haunted place and have them investigate it. They would put them in a "command center" and proceed to give them their intructions throughout the night via a laptop. They would send 1 or 2 out at a time and give them directions on where to go, what to do, etc. as they walked around a place. The set up was good and some of the stuff they captured was pretty scary. Granted they got little on tape but you could feel the scare in their actions or by the noises going off around them.

It was a great concept and most people were disappointed that it was not picked up for more shows. Guess after one season, it lost interest. I would think that with shows like Most Haunted and Ghost Hunters doing well, someone would pick up the series and make some new shows. In a way, it has happened.

VH1 has a show called the Celebrity Paranormal Project. They do the exact same thing as they did on Fear, except it is glossed up a bit and they do make them do stuff as intense as sit in a haunted jail cell for 3 hours or have someone sit in a coffin a couple of feet under ground as someone put dirt on top of it. Seriously, they faked burying a contestant alive. Plus the celebrities are anything but. Gary Busey? Hal Sparks? Donna Derrico? Some chick from Survivor- how is that a celebrity?

First show at Waverly was pretty good though. Except for Busey yapping on like an idiot, they did possibly get some good stuff on tape. Shadows on the wall. Some footsteps. Weird noises. Only problem, is some of the stuff cannot be trusted. Mainly the sounds. I wouldn't be shocked if they faked some stuff just to have a good show. I don't think the "celebrities" are acting because well, they aren't good actors. I wonder if VH1 has messed with what happened just to get a desired outcome. Flip side is that the true investigators rarely get stuff on tape like they did on the show. Thus the need for some skepticism.

Still the show has promise.

Also been enjoying Heroes so far. I find it amusing how they stayed in Vegas at the Montecito. Nice placement for your show NBC!

Gave blood yesterday. Somehow I have gone from having low blood pressure to slightly high blood pressure. I think the lady screwed up. Other stats show that I was running a tad warm at 99 degrees. I wasn't given the iron test results though. Bummer. I went and ate some Flintstone vitamins just in case.

I did say something stupid to the lady after she stuck a needle in my arm. She got it in on the first shot, which I congratulated her on. She did all the taping down of the hose and walked away for a bit. Half a minute later she comes back and asks how it feels. I say "Feels great! At least for having a needle in my arm." Yep, I have such a way with the ladies.

I forgot I had the bandage on my arm. Took it off later that night. Hurt like a mother fokker! Yes, you want to try and give one good rip so the hairs come flying off your skin, but you also need to get a grip on that bandage as well. This one was on pretty good. I had to pry a corner off and it still fought me. One quick yank did not go as planned. Two quicks yanks and I felt the sting.

Blah! Nothing a shot couldn't take care of. They just say to have a nutritious meal before consuming alcohol. I take that to mean the olive, celery, and pickle spear from the Bloody Mary.

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